What I Did To Move on From People Who Bullied Me. How I Overcame It.

When I was a Child going to school, I wasn’t so lucky with a normal social life where people bullied me, and made fun of me terribly much day in and day out and I do not even want to mention the things I was called because I was different, looked different and because I was being myself no matter what others say, but as time went by and as I went to do other things in my life after my school life, I overcame and moved on from that phase of my life. I realized, that this bullying was a temporary part of my life and I know that things will get better, and it has quite substantially and I am so glad that part of my life is over and how I overcame bullies and all those terrible feelings is something that was a miracle. Something triggered into my mind that I decided to put a barrier against my bullies and I moved forward with my life. I now don’t see any of them anymore and that I am so happy about. Anyway, Here are ways I overcame bullying and what I did for myself to move on and get going to a better life without the bullies, and they are the following:

— I spoke to my parents, other family members, teachers, the principal, the guidance Councillor.

— I decided not to let negativity overpower my life anymore and I decided to pull the plug on negativity and think positively,

— I believed in myself, and I knew it was a temporary time where I was going through a phase and I knew things got better.

— I joined in my church community, and they took well care of me and I made a lot of friends there.

— After all those years went by, I did volunteer work at Daily bread food bank(Boxing Food for the Needy), Children’s Aid(Wrapping Christmas Toys For Kids In Need), Saturday and Sunday School (For The Children), Joined Family Support Services, Habitat For Humanity(Helping build, paint homes for the needy), and joining committees around my church.

— We set up a party to do fundraising for Children’s Aid around Christmas time.

— Every Friday nights now, I have met an incredible group of people throughout the church and we all got together and now we go out to different places and we have great times, and create memories, and travel with each other.

— I met great people whom I can call my best friends, and I never gave up on finding people, I always made the conscious effort to never lose my way and to move forward in life.

— I knew things would get better for me, and I knew how to move on with life after being bullied.

— I always asked for help and I got the help and I am eternally grateful to all those who have helped me win these battles.

— I never gave up and I overcame the worst days of my life and I replaced it with the best days of my life which is happening in the present times of my life.

This is how I overcame my bullies, and now I am happy, positive, and I feel great, and better than before. It will happen to you too whoever is being bullied right now unfortunately. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, and I am behind you and I am by your side, I am here to listen, to give advice, and to show you the way to a new life without these bullies, that has made us so vulnerable in our lives. You have no idea how special you are in your own way, and how important you are to your family, you have a lot of people who care about you, and you do have a place in this earth and you have come here for a reason, you were born a winner and you will overcome it, like I did. Never give up on anything, and always know that you do serve a purpose on this earth. Smile, be happy, and always know that you always have people to confide into. You may not know it or feel it, but someone is always there for you.

I love you, and I want the best for all.

6 thoughts on “What I Did To Move on From People Who Bullied Me. How I Overcame It.

  1. I was one of the few lucky ones who never got bullied as a child. And I must admit I was even the bully at times (this aspect of my childhood I’m not really proud of). But with motherhood being at bay, my greatest fear is to hear one day that my child is being bullied. I cannot begin to think how I’d deal with that as a parent. Thank you for sharing your personal experience about this topic. And I’m glad you’re long over with that painful phase in your life

  2. I totally get the “bullied for being different” thing; I’m autistic and went through a dredful school career of being tripped, spat on, kicked, punched and even pushed down the stairs.

    Over the years I’ve come to realise that not everybody hated me – a fair bit of it was just gentle teasing but, because of my autism, I was unable to understand that at the time. Many of my bullies have even apologised to me over the years.

    I am extremely interested in your voluntary work. Could you please go into more detail about your work with Children’s Aid? It seems fitting for this time of year 🙂

  3. This post is so relevant, and good for you for overcoming it–and it was terrific that you shared. My cousin’s kid saw two little kids get bullied in his school hallway last year (just about this time). When he intervened, he got suspended because he was told “it’s none of your business.” I think schools should adopt a zero-tolerance–but the root problem comes from the home–where’d the kids learn that anyway? And where’d they learn that it’s acceptable? I hope you share your message with the world–it’s much needed.

  4. Bullying is one of the most difficult aspects to tackle in childhood. It leads to so many self-esteem issues but parents often don’t even know that bullying is going on. Great read, and keep on writing. Love your work.

  5. i too got bullied since childhood, but it still affects. i heard that people who bullied others do not get good life, but it is wrong. i can see the people who bullied me in school and college life are well settled in their life and have good job. do you have the same situation ? do you know about the person who bullied you ,how are they doing in life, are they successfull/enjoying life ?

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