I Have So Much Respect For Kim Kardashian For Doing Humanitarian Work For Syria and More

In the recent years, we have heard this name Kim Kardashian on TV, Newspapers, Internet and more. I know that Kim Kardashian does not have a great reputation to some people and I know somethings of her past were crazy, but I have developed a big tremendous amount of respect for the girl. Not only does she have her own clothing line and everything, but she does humanitarian work too. Kim Kardashian is Armenian and she always recognizes that and she has said that she is in so many of her interviews which I am so proud of her. Not only does she recognize the Armenian Genocide that happened on April 24, 1915, with the Ottoman Turkish Empire killing more than 1.5 million Armenians, but she took a stand and she is doing Genocide Awareness, now shes helping Syria in the crisis happening now and with Armenian Churches being burnt down and the city being in ruins. She has urged people to help in the crisis and I am so proud of her for standing behind and supporting these causes. She is a great person and I would love to meet Kim Kardashian someday and her family. They do so much for the Armenian community and I am so proud of them all. Especially Khloe, Kim, Lemar and Kourtney.  When I was in LA last month, All I can think about is the Kardashian family and seeing and meeting them, but being in LA for 4 hours only was not enough lol. Anyway, All the best to the Kardashian family. I have big respects and props to you all for standing up for Armenians, Supporting and standing up for what you believe in.

Some Armenians who are famous in this world, do not even recognize they are Armenian and they don’t even acknowledge our race which I see a big problem in that, but Kim Kardashian and her family always do recognize and share it with the world who they are and what they do. I know that Kim doesn’t have a great track record with breaking up with Kris Humphries and and everything else, but that is her personal life, maybe she had reasons for doing what she did, but it is none of my business what she does behind closed doors. That is not what I am interested in. Her public life yes, and her humanitarian work yes, and that is something that I admire above anything else. Kim is such a sweetheart and the best. Also very beautiful, great sense of fashion, and she means the world to me and I am one of her biggest fans. Hope to meet her someday and really get to know her. These tabloid magazines, and these trashy magazines and media always try to manipulate and make her look like the bad girl, but I don’t listen to media coverage. This is my opinion and I am sticking with it.

Kardashians you guys rock!


6 thoughts on “I Have So Much Respect For Kim Kardashian For Doing Humanitarian Work For Syria and More

  1. i am also glad that she and her family are successful in business and also reaching out to help others in Humanitarian ways. i just wish we didn’t have to be flooded with so much of their personal lives on TV and the Tabloids. Humility shies away from such exposure.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble Talin, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart. She married that poor man to scoop thousands of pounds from magazines to show her wedding photographs, and she filed for divorce THE FOLLOWING DAY.

    She is being paid to do this; she doesn’t have a charitable bone in her body. all she cares about is how she’s going to pay for her next manicure or her next set of hair extensions.

  3. Oh, please. Celebrity worship again. What exactly is Kim Kardashian DOING besides exhorting others to contribute? She is certainly no role model, and her public behavior is abhorrent. A marriage that lasted 72 days. A television career built on a sex tape. A dysfunctional family that craves the spotlight. Being Armenian doesn’t give her a free pass, sorry.

    Here’s a perfect example of what she said about her recent trip to London (yes, London, not Syria): “The highlight of my trip to London was our signing at Westfield where we met hundreds of our London fans and celebrated the launch of our Kardashian Kollection. The turnout was absolutely incredible!! We were all amazed by how many people had lined up for hours to meet us. You were all so sweet and supporti.ve!! Thank you so much to everyone who came out.”

    Endnote: Her personal life? She’s the one who’s made it public.

  4. How adorable. I can guarantee that Ms. Kardashian couldn’t locate Syria on a map if her life depended on it. What’s laughable is the fact that 2 or 3 years ago she could care less about anything Armenian and NEVER made any appearances or recognition of the Armenian genocide. Yet she has people convinced that she ALL OF A SUDDEN cares. LOL. She is ONLY in it for the $$$$$$$$$$$.

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