Governor Romney Or President Obama? – November 6, 2012 Election Campaign

For the last 2 years and a lot of campaigning, traveling, and billions spent on the elections. The day is finally here and some voters voted early and some are voting by tonight. After the many speeches, traveling to different cities, towns and counties across the united states and abroad, the time is soon coming to a close and will choose USA’s 4 years of who leads the country and people. I am not going to take sides, but I will take the side on who is right for America and who can lead USA for a better tomorrow and for a better future. I am still undecided myself. As a Canadian this election impacts Canada as well and our world with leaders, and it will be history in the making. I believe that a president should always take the needs of its citizens first and put them first above anything else. A good president candidate also needs to take into consideration about the future of the country and what it benefits from among everything else that is important. Lets see how things go and lets get the elections on the road which has been going on all day. I am following the polls and different websites. There are also live chats in few websites as well. So many opinions, and so many people have participated in online chats and discussions. It is important to vote and have our say. You have the right to vote.

Lets hope for the right one to win either it is Governor Romney or President Obama.

All the best in the elections of 2012 and all the best to the United States of America for the next 4 years. USA

5 thoughts on “Governor Romney Or President Obama? – November 6, 2012 Election Campaign

  1. gitwizard says:

    You say “I believe that a president should always take the needs of its citizens first and put them first above anything else”, this automatically rules out Romney who would have put the interests of Big Business first, second and third. Thank goodness America made the right decision, the rest of the world thanks them.

  2. mike and brandy says:

    a victory for european style democratic socialism. american voters have once again ignored and rejected the constitutional foundation of our country in favor of ‘free stuff’. i’m not bitter or a sore loser. i’m fearful for the future and direction of our democracy and our economy.

  3. Missus Tribble says:

    I don’t live in America and don’t usually get involved in politics. However, I am delighted to know that American women shall be retaining their rights over their bodies and their sexuality and that nobody is going to force the child of a rapist upon them. We’ve been very concerned about this issue here in England, among other things.

    Obama is not perfect – nobody is. However, he is a good man with good intentions who wants to meet the needs of *all* US citizens and not just a select few (like… rich men and nobody else).

    Well done America. You did right.

  4. sevan says:

    You’re supposed to have written President Obama or Governor Romney, not the other way around. Obama has a higher position than Romney and is the country’s leader; he should have the honor of having his name written first. Its more proper that way.

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