Getting Back In The Armenian Community

In the last 2-3 years, I have been missing in action from the Armenian community with joining committees and being part of the events going on. I have realized how much I miss it and how much I want to get back into the swing of things. I went to church yesterday and there were people who have known me since I was a kid up until the recent months, and some recognized me and some didn’t and It was something that really bothered me, because they have known you all your life and then, they don’t remember your face anymore. That really concerned me and I said, something is wrong with that picture, I have to do something to prevent people from forgetting me, when they just saw me in the summertime. I think that was my queue to go back into the church and the Armenian community. I have been attending bible studies which is about it, but I haven’t been attending other things and events. I think I need to really change that and start back up again and do something to make a difference in my community. I wrote stories about my dedication to the Armenian church and community and the last couple of years I have had a setback and I realize that it is wrong and this weekend I reflected on that. I will be heading back in and in full force. I do not want to disappoint my late grandfather who passed away 10 years ago. He always told me to never stay away from the Armenian community and never lose your journey to it and always remain Armenian and be proud of who you are which I am for sure. My passion, dedication to my community has never faded. I just had a few personal issues, but I am back and back better than before.

I will be contacting committees in the next couple of weeks and this week and I will be putting my name in and getting back to the grind. I thank those who have faith in me and those who support me. Thank you.


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