What A Great Bible Study Session Tonight – The Priest Chose Me To Write Next Week’s Prayer

Every Thursday nights at 9pm, I go to a bible study, and it started last week again. My priest is a follower of my blog and he announced to everyone that he really enjoys reading my blogs and he introduced me to others who do not really know of me and he used to do bible studies for quite a while. Just the last 2 years, another priest conducted the bible studies. He announced to everyone that I am a lovely writer and that he chose me to say next weeks closing prayer along with the Our Father in Armenian called Hayr Mer – HAI-R MER — It made my whole week when he said that. He has always grown fond of me and I will never forget a time 4 years ago when we were in Bible study, he said something to everyone about me, and again he put me out there and we had about 45 people attend the bible study that one time. It was such a great thing, and he said to others that I am a great writer again and I used to write so many articles to the Armenian newsletter and newspaper and among articles around the church and when we did retreats outside of town. He introduced me to everyone and some people had no idea who were writing those articles and then when people found out who I was, they all approached me after bible study and they said, we finally meet the mastermind behind all your writings you submit to the church and the community center. I will never forget what they said to me. It was so beautiful. It made me feel very nice.

Again like tonight, My priest found out from my blog from someone in the community and he began to follow it, and so now this is the second week he has mentioned me and put me on the spot with everyone and he outright said to others, she is one of the best writers. Again, I said Father Reverend, thank you so much. Hes a very kind and very nice person who raises everyone’s spirits and hes such a lovely priest and I appreciate him. He said, everyone who writes has different ways of writing and nobody is exactly the same. So I am looking forward for next week. I have to think of a prayer to write until next week, but I think I can write it within the next couple of days when I have my mind set on it. The priest always depends on me and he knows I follow through with it. Thank you very much. I look forward to next week. I am committed to bible study and I will not miss a day.

I wish you all the best.

2 thoughts on “What A Great Bible Study Session Tonight – The Priest Chose Me To Write Next Week’s Prayer

  1. No doubt the Priest was right πŸ™‚ you are great write with beautiful Imaginations, I am sure you will come up with lovely prayer.

  2. awesome. i will be praying for you to have the ‘write’ words. some suggestions from a longtime servant:
    1 keep it simple, prayer is talking to God and He loves to hear your voice πŸ™‚
    2 no need to worry about pleasing people, it’s not ‘for’ them
    3 don’t try to be either too ‘clever’ or ‘sanctimonious’, He can tell the difference (see 1+2)
    4 remember, you are leading others in prayer ‘To’ God. Invite them to Participate

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