Postponing The US Elections Should Happen Out Of Respect To The Hurricane Sandy Victims

In the last few days since Hurricane Sandy happened, and with so many people without homes, power, destroyed homes, and all the damage that has been done, I believe that President Obama and Governor Romney need to address the Hurricane Issue more and focus on that on what is important than an election right now. The right and good thing to do right now is to postpone the November 4th elections. Leave it for a later date. Right now hurricane stricken victims need their help and if President Obama and Governor Romney decide to postpone it and actually reach out to those in need and get help for them, then that would mean everything to the people and that would mean so much more than an election right now. Voting can wait I believe and it would be the right thing to do. A lot of people are affected by this hurricane, lots of families, and people without power, and where are all these people going to vote? There probably was so many voting poll stations in the east coast and it all got washed away or flooded and I think it is not fair for US citizens who cannot have access to voting right now and those who want to vote. I think it is common decency and common sense. Focus on the disaster that has struck the country and then think about voting numbers. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney get on television to address the Hurricane Sandy which is a good thing they did, but I would like to hear that the election will be postponed for a while and getting aid out to those who need it.

What do you all think about that? Do you think its a good idea to postpone it? Do you think they need to get on Television and tell the people that, we are postponing the elections until next year or until further notice? I think it should be done.

22 thoughts on “Postponing The US Elections Should Happen Out Of Respect To The Hurricane Sandy Victims

  1. I don’t think they should be postponed. Polling places are way close to where people live. Plus so many feel passionately about this election that they would travel over flooded streets to vote on time. Early voting is in place as well, so voters can go when they want in the next few days.

    Besides, I don’t think the President or any candidate have the constitutional authority to postpone elections. And I don’t hear the politicians from the affected states asking for an act of Congress to do so.

  2. The election is on Tuesday, Nov 6. While I agree that they should be postponed or some considerations made for those who are unable to vote at their usual voting locations, part of me just wants this political nonsense over. I am tired of being bombarded by backstabbing adds.

  3. Absolutely not. The American electorial process is too important to be subject to disasters. The vast majority of the country was not impacted by the storm. This election is far bigger than the presidential election, accross the United States there are state and local races going on an if you were to postpone election day for any reason, the integrity of those elections would be in question.

  4. I was wondering the same thing, if they would postpone the elections. It is a thought. I wonder if there is something in place for major catastrophes like this. I know many people voted early. Some may not have. I would be upset if I were unable to vote. I understand both sides of what everyone has commented on before mine. Hopefully it will all work out. I’m glad I voted early & I’m with Emme, I’m tired of the backstabbing ads. Praying that it works out.~ Delina

  5. I agree with Emme and Amanda… we are all so very ready for the election to be over. Do you think it’s kind of a cultural difference that makes you propose postponing? I don’t think anything like that has been even vaguely considered here in the US… Interesting….

  6. We are postponing the elections until further notice, this should be the proper announcement I think, Your voice and opinion make sense Talin, they should be more focused in helpig those victims and rebuilding the damaged cities…. again this is my opinion also.

  7. i disagree that the election should be postponed and i’m not sure if there wouldn’t be ‘huge cries’ of FOUL for such a suggestion if it were a republican president in office and down in the polls 5 days away from the election.
    my take on the recovery from Hurricane (downgraded to Tropical Storm as soon as it came ashore) Sandy…
    the hurricane disaster relief will be and is currently being addressed by local, state and FEMA officials as well as local churches and private relief organizations. neither Romney or Pres Obama will be able to do anything personally other than photo ops and getting in the way of others more qualified to do the job.
    for a president who once claimed that answering when life begins in the womb was ‘above his pay grade’, he needs to stop pretending to do the jobs ‘below his pay grade’ and get back to attending to what we pay him for .. administering the economy and making sure our ambassadors and diplomats are safe in other countries.

  8. by the way, romney ‘did’ actually reach out directly by closing down his campaign event in ohio to collect relief supplys to send to the damaged areas and was attacked by the media for it. (go figure)

    obama stayed ‘in charge’ within reach of media cameras, but not really doing anything to directly help ‘people’ and he was ‘celebrated’ as a Hero.

    no, i think they need to focus on the information we as Americans need to make an honest and clear choice. Which ever way the American People choose, we need to get thru this election cycle and not postpone it.

  9. Honestly I couldn’t imagine a worse idea than syaing “postponed until further notice” that’s the exact message you get in diactorships. Think of the precident you might send if you give the government the power to postpone an election. We mode some horrible concessions to freedom after 9/11. What if a president in the future decided to stage a terror attack as a ploy to postpone an election? It’s been done in other places. This a bad path to go down. And once again, the number of people imacated is tiny compared to the total electorate.

    • Obviously you are not affected by Sandy. maybe if you lost everything including your ID and could not vote , be warm or have food and water, you would feel differently. Those affected by Sandy are “tiny” – really are you talking numbers or what??? – aren’t you full of yourself! I am sure if you were affected, you would not want to be considered “tiny” !

      • Full of myself? WTF? No dear, this is a numbers game, 1/2% of the population is affected by this. Not sufficient to postpone an national election. The engine of our democracy is to important to be trifled with, for almost any reason including a superstorm. Sorry for the victims, but you know, we move on.

  10. It most likely can’t be moved according to US law without legislative or judicial intervention. You probably should’ve done a quick google search before asking about it. Granted, whether it “should” or “shouldn’t” is an opinion but the rule of law is what is important

  11. It wasn’t a cyclone. And this is a ridiculous proposal. Both candidates are doing what they can. Obama, as President, can do more, but both of them care. Where in the world did this idea originate?

    • I’m assuming you’re not at all familiar with the United States Constitution, Talin.

      The US presidential election on November 6 CANNOT be postponed without passage of a new FEDERAL LAW, voting for president is REQUIRED to take place next Tuesday as planned to elect the 45th US President. This has been the case since 1845, when Congress passed a law that set the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in November of every election year as ELECTION DAY across the country.

  12. I could not disagree with you more. I understand the concern but I think most of the nation seeks closure to this election. What might be practical in the future, however, is to elect presidents to one six-year term with no second terms. That way, they wouldn’t be spending half their time in office campaigning for the next election.

  13. six yr terms with no limits? wow that’s a long time. think backwards and consider if you would apply that equally to both political parties. I for one would not see that as practical or desireable… and thanks to the Constitution, just like some people’s suggestion to pitch out the Electoral College, it’s a Moot argument.
    those old guys in the 18th century had WAY more intelligence and wisdom than any so called ‘leaders’ today.

  14. I do really like how they Make the Postponed of the election as well,because what happened in the United State is so toroughly ,because all this spoil alot of things what 8.2 millions Dollars and they need to rectify all this for the citizen ,before anything ,and you know that it’s the citizen that is going to vote for them,so i will just like to informed you that you should bare with them for what happen to die down and the election to come,but all what we really need it the Date that the Election will come up so that we can be figured something out as well.?thanks.

  15. I live in NJ….there’s no gas….most of my town is still without power.
    People can’t get to the polls.
    Unfortunately, a law put on the books in the 1800’s dictates that the election cannot be postponed.
    Mitt Romney’s people are already crying foul if President Obama tries to override the law.
    That right there should give you a glimpse into who really cares about the people.
    Meanwhile, President Obama has visited with Governor Christie in person to assure that the victim of Sandy’s wrath needs will be met.
    My politics are generally not in line with Gov Christie’s, but he is a friend of the family and all I can say is I’m glad HE is putting our needs in front of the election (he can’t stand Romney anyway).
    So…yes, I do wish the election could be postponed, because I know many people who will not be able to vote, but a postponement is 99% unlikely to happen.
    Regardless of what party anyone is for, this election will not be fair.

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