Envisioning My Big Break In The Future – Optimism Is Key To Success

In recent months and within this one year that I have been on WordPress writing blogs and committing myself to a world of writing, and outreaching to the general public of the internet and the world, I began to envision my big break for the plans I have in the future. I have big plans for my life in the next few years and it is important to sort it out and taking extra steps to being initiative in everything. I have time and time again brought up being on Talk shows on Television, I have spoke about getting myself out there and publish my posts to perspective newspaper companies around the globe and I know I can offer a lot and put my cards on the table to get to where I want to be in my life and I believe that each and everyone of us have a passion in life and something that we want to achieve and strive to get on up there with our goals and succeed with everything we have and putting our energy into things we want to excel in. With all that said, optimism is the key to success with an enthusiastic approach, the right attitude, and having the will to do everything in my power to succeed in life.

My passion is ultimately writing, and my passion is to make a difference in the world, getting my gigs on these television talk shows such as Ellen DeGeneres whom I have tremendous respect for, who has such a successful television show and someone whom I have grown fond of for several years now. She is someone I can get along with, and her humor, her personality traits, the way she cares so much for people, the way she helps so many people is something out of this world. When her show finishes, there is a production called, “A Very Good Production” and that is exactly what her show is and it says it all in those 4 words. Meeting her and being on her show would make me the happiest woman in the world. She always talks about bully prevention, she always talks about very important issues in our world, and her monologues are excellently done in a tasteful manner which I absolutely adore with all my heart, mind and soul. She incorporates dancing and getting the audience to dance with her with including them, giving 12 days of giveaways during Christmas and other times during the year. I’d love to one day meet her and get to know her one on one. She is such a beautifully spirited person who touches so many lives and she has touched mine in words, I cannot even express. Thank you Ellen DeGeneres for making life so enjoyable for so many of your fans across the world, thank you for being with us for an hour on Television, for making us laugh, for making us realize the importance of living life to the fullest. I wish Ellen the best with good health and may she smile, laugh and dance always.

There is so much I envision for my life and envisioning on positive and happiness for future is something I really enjoy. I have had a lot of time to myself this past week, and I have been having these scenarios in my mind and dreaming about making it big in the world, and getting myself known out there with good intentions, with the intention of making a big difference in the world with important issues and the prevention of problems in society with bullies, and other serious issues in regards to the well-being of people and the way things are handled. I believe that I can do something good for our world, and I am super confident with my willingness to do my best in society, reach out to those in need of a friend, to those who need someone to talk to, and those who feel lonely to make them feel a part of society and welcoming them to a new world of lovely and friendly people who still exist in our world and there are some really nice people in our world. We just have to look past with what happens and move forward with life.

Envisioning is always a good thing, I do it all the time and now more frequently. I believe and know that all of us can do the same with our lives. Live life the way it is intended and envision everyday. All the best and I wish you nothing but the best.

5 thoughts on “Envisioning My Big Break In The Future – Optimism Is Key To Success

  1. Optimism is a great mindset to have….envisioning your future will take maintaining that mindset at any cost. Keep writing, continue to help people, and you dreams will find you. Someone will reward you with a visit to Ellen and you will be able to address the issues. Your dreams will come true if you continue to believe you can oneday wake up to them!!!!

  2. Having been the victim of extensive bullying myself, I can see that your intentions are pure – but, Talin, you don’t need to be on TV or become famous to be a voice for your chosen cause.

    I am making a difference from my little perch on the sofa. I’m a member of a charity that supports people with my disability and their families. I’ve used Twitter to make contact with the important people in the organisation and they often retweet my blog posts. I’ve even had Carol Decker retweet my blog post comparing being autistic to Frankenstein’s monster. Yes, I had to ask her, but she read the post and liked it enough to get it out there for me.

    Recently I contacted my local newspaper and explained about being a Media Volunteer. The result? The chief editor is now following me on Twitter and reading my blog.

    Why not send a letter or email in to your local paper? They may wish to interview you. There are also many anti-bullying campaigns out there; contact them and become a voice for your cause.

    I’m not famous. I never will be and really don’t want to be. However, the right people have heard of me and I am often a first point of contact when a voice for people with epilepsy is needed.

  3. Gemma (Missus Tribble) is right, Talin. Having dreams, goals, and aspirations is vital in life. Striving to achieve them – equally important. Why you feel you need to be on television continues to be a puzzle to me. If you want to “do something good for the world” (your words), start at home, in your community. You are so focused on being a celebrity, or being best friends with a celebrity, that sometimes the actual dream can be hindered by that skewed vision.
    In the meantime, do all the things you’ve been writing about in the past few months: you’re going back to school to become a better writer; you’re writing a book; you’re starting a job as a travel consultant with a major, unnamed travel company; you’re looking to meet that special someone and perhaps marry and start a family. All good things! Choose what is most important to you. Just realize that sometimes one person cannot do and be everything.

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