So Many Talk Shows These Days, But Where is The Quality?

I cannot believe the amount of talk shows there is on TV these days. Ricki Lake, Jeff Probst, Anderson Cooper, The Talk, amongst other TV talk shows. It is crazy, but where is the quality? They all seem to have the same type of genre in all their talk shows and cannot differentiate them from each other.  Too much saturation and too much quantity than quality in my opinion. I like talk shows like “The Talk” Ellen DeGeneres, Marilyn Denis show, Dr. Oz, The Doctors. They have great quality and I really enjoy them as for nightly entertainment I love Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon. Jay Leno has the headlines, the jaywalking and everything else which I like. Anyway, today I am going keep this short and sweet to recognize great TV Talk Shows…. Many thanks.

6 thoughts on “So Many Talk Shows These Days, But Where is The Quality?

  1. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are both hitting their stride, which is great. I’ve never liked Leno or Letterman. Conan sadly hasn’t been funny since he left Late Night but I still watch it more often than night.

    Colbert Report and Daily Show are the most consistent for me though…none of the day time talk shows have much to offer.

  2. I was on Jeff Probst a few weeks ago. I have to say, I was impressed. They weave together stories with a creative theme. For example, the show I was on was about the moment that changed your life. The Push Girls were on first and talked about their spinal cord injuries and how they used that moment to live more fully. Then, I told the story of how my husband of ten years ended the marriage with a text and how I no longer let fear the chauffeur of my life. The show is real (they show clips from the breaks between segments), the staff and Jeff all really care about their guests and that comes through, and the overall message is about living the adventure of your life. Now that’s a message I can get behind.

  3. Talk shows have outlived their usefulness, they are narrowminded in their opinions and have little exposure to what happens in real life where people are not protected by layers of talking point publicity.

    I don’t waste my time with such people, or oncern myself with their narrow opinions of anything.

  4. Awe, usually your posts are long and in-depth. I realize that the talk-shows keep similar formulas to their approach, so it really takes the personality of the host(s) to shine brighter to keep mainstream society interested. 😉 Love this post.

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