I Will Never Fly With United Airlines Again

On the night of October 18th, 2012, I had embarked on United Airlines from Las Vegas, Nevada to Cleveland Ohio for a layover to where we were supposed to fly to our final destination to Buffalo International airport, which never happened. We were supposed to fly out by 8:30am from Cleveland to make it to Buffalo at almost 10am in the morning, but that never happened. They kept announcing that there is a delay, the plane has not arrived from Newark, New Jersey, and kept making us wait and wait, and then the announced that the plane has arrived, but we have to wait again until 10:30am to board our plane, that never happened either. At this point, people started getting really mad and saying, can’t we just board any plane to buffalo? The Airline personnel were very rude to people, and not being professionals at all, and they were carrying on and laughing, thinking they are all that, while people are sitting around when they are doing nothing for anybody. After that, they asked for 2 volunteers to stay back because of overbooking on a plane. How can a plane be overbooked when seats are assigned? No flight should be overbooked, which I find to be ridiculous and strange. Now, that is not enough, and now United Airlines delayed us again at 12:20pm. Now we all started to get really mad.

These disabled people were also treated with disrespect and were left stranded too. Now I started to get really mad, and I went up to the counter at the gate and I just reeled into them and this man started yelling and the police were called to keep the peace. Now at this point, I got really angry because We needed to get home and our car was left in Buffalo. Now the idiots at the airline counter made another announcement that freaked people out, you don’t announce that the plane is broken and for faulty wiring. They did not handle it in a professional manner at all. They should be fired. You just have to say, due to maintenance issues, we must keep the plane grounded, so we regret to inform you that the flight has been cancelled. that is all they had to say to people. Not the plane is broken. People got freaked out and right away were trying to find alternate travels. Now, here is the part I really hated. They knew what was happening with the plane, so they kept us at the gate for such a long time where we could have found another alternate transportation until then. So another flight would have not been available until Monday, we said NO WAY, were renting a car and driving to Buffalo which took another 4 to 5 hours. So we went back got our luggage and made our journey to the rental car place, got the rental and out we went. It was a very very long day and plus being treated terribly by this airline with no dignity and respect on top of that.

If I don’t have to travel to the United States and take American based Airlines, I will not because United Airlines sucks and I will never travel with them again. I will take other airlines that are not American but then again I have family and friends in the states. The Airline personnel in Cleveland, Ohio are very rude and they laugh at people and give people these looks. Plus paying 25 bucks for checked baggage is a total rip off and they said, they cannot reimburse you for your checked baggage. Are they kidding me? and the planes are so uncomfortable. Everything was perfect up until the last day. It took over 26 hours until we got home. It was crazy and we were dead tired as we never slept a wink. They are such money hungry people and they gave us a joke voucher for 10 bucks  each for breakfast and what did that cover? Barely nothing we had to give them more, and everything is expensive at the airport. It is unbelievable. We were starving and didn’t care. we just ate the breakfast, left to go back to our gate and we still had a delay then cancellation. Then we made friends with other frustrated passengers and we all became a team and started mouthing off and yelling and bickering. I really felt for the girl who broke her ankle in Vegas and had to get home. She was so upset and crying. They didn’t care about her either. What a drama it was. Then they give us 300 bucks each for a voucher to use within one year with another United Airlines flight, but I will never step foot on another United Airlines plane again. United States needs to improve A LOT on Air travel. It sucks and airport and plane travel is no fun anymore!

17 thoughts on “I Will Never Fly With United Airlines Again

  1. It’s unfortunate that you endured that flight. I agree that air travel needs to be improved in the U.S. So much has changed after 9/11 in addition to lack or no quality customer service being offered to travelers. If I’d known that you were traveling on United Airlines, I would highly recommend another airline. UA has REALLY gone down over the years. Even several celebrities have had some negative experiences with the airline leading to legal matters.

    If you haven’t already, I would suggest sending a letter to their customer service online and explain to them about your travels. When it comes to customer service, I leave no stone unturned & I wouldn’t want anyone else experiencing a similar situation.

  2. Well…………….welcome to the real world of airline travel, Talin. Glad you finally made it!

    For a long time now, we’ve read your posts about how fabulous it is to fly, and I always wondered how it was that you thought airline travel was so great. I figured perhaps you always flew first class! This is the way things are today. You’re better off riding a bus.

    And one other note: United Airlines is ONE airline. You can try Air Canada or some other foreign airline if you want, but please don’t lump all American airlines into one heap because of your bad experience with United.

  3. This year I’ve traveled to North America thrice and each time on United Airways. The experience has mostly been average to good. In Ottawa in June though they couldn’t get me home so I flew Air Canada from Ottawa to Toronto to Los Angeles. I was pleasantly surprised. My 2007 experience of Air Canada was pretty poor.

  4. talin,
    suggestions from my side would include as one person has already said. take the time to write a letter to the airline outlining the issues you had, please use as much details such as flight numbers, gate numbers and the airports you flew out of and to. But it may be better and they would most likely respond to your letter positively if you were able to approach it from a ‘helpful’ and ‘suggestive’ point of view. sanitize as much as you can the emotion and offense out of the letter, but make sure your language still reflects your personal experience.
    i figure as an airline or any company, they require feedback and should be more than appreciative. as well, from a professional standpoint, as a travel consultant, it might present an opportunity to create a relationship. you wouldn’t want to burn a bridge or judge overly harshly the whole of the airline, it’s staff, and many airports you may not have traveled thru. be carefull of the ‘filter’ you create for yourself and for others. the airline would appreciate that too… i’m not a lawyer, but just be careful of their professional reputation as well as your own.
    my 2 cents

  5. Please don’t take United Airlines as representative! I have never had a good experience with them and will only fly them if there are no other options; I have had too many stranding “standby” tickets to permit otherwise.

  6. Unfortunately your experience with UA and US flagged carriers in general is not unique. I fly internationally often and consistently get better treatment from foreign carriers than the major US airlines. The individual workers however, vary considerably and I’ve met some really great people on every airline I’ve flown, including UA. The people at the counter have very little control and decision-making authority, yet they take the brunt of every disgruntled passenger’s wrath. It must be very difficult to maintain a positive attitude with irrate passengers yelling at you every day for things that aren’t your fault and you can do nothing about. I have sympathy for them, especially those working for poorly managed carriers. The passenger may feel better throwing a fuss, but it doesn’t help and only adds to an already bad situation. Sorry you had such a poor experience, Talin. Air travel is a pain at times, but experiencing new cultures and places makes it well worth putting up with.

  7. U.S. Airways are a garbage airline too, possibly worse than United. But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. I use Delta on a regular basis and I like it, and I’m sure that there are a few other airlines in the U.S. that are alright; JetBlue is one of the good ones.

    Everyone’s experiences are unique. Good that you finally got home safely. 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on Spinster's Compass and commented:
    As an expatriate who travels home at least twice per year, travels elsewhere one or more times per year, and now has a chronic injury, comfort & quality service are most important to me – especially for long-haul flights. I’ve also had a few travel horror stories of my own over the years.

    Check out the original blog post and read about this person’s recent travel annoyance(s), then come back here and let me know about your travel horror stories.

  9. Like Martha said, United is just one of many American airlines. I fly often and have flown on almost every American carrier. United is awful, the other have been wonderful.

    Also, all flights are overbooked, just like hotels are over booked, because there is almost always a cancellation. Its a way to protect themselves from potentially losing money on those empty seats.

    That said, I’m sorry you had a bad experience!

  10. My neighbours work for an airline here in England. He’s ground crew and she’s an air hostess. They are both very nice people and we really couldn’t ask for more pleasant neighbours.

    However, their jobs are incredibly stressful. She is often ill because of constantly being at high altitudes and either one of them might have to leave for the airport at very short notice at 4am. She always keeps a suitcase packed in case she has to overnight somewhere. They argue a lot because of the high stress levels of their jobs.

    Ground crew become stressed and uneasy because *they* are the ones in the firing line when things go wrong. I find it difficult to believe that any of the staff laughed at you or didn’t care – they’re having to tell you news that isn’t good and it isn’t their fault – but I can totally understand why they took such an attitude if you and a bunch of other people started “mouthing off” and causing a fuss. Getting angry won’t solve anything and only makes the job worse for ground crew – especially if they feel threatened enough to get the police involved.

    On another note: reviews like this need to be worded extremely carefully. If a member of UA were to stumble across this blog they could plead slander because you haven’t said any of this on their official site and it’s out there for the entire world to see. When I wrote the review about my wedding dress disaster I had to think really hard about what to say in order to avoid any possible legal repercussions.

  11. my wife and I never again fly with United Airlines 2 last year ago last mins bought ticket my mom passed away. from ORD to RSW. we seat near escape window nice more space our legs. United Airline Flight Attend told us to switch shitty small seat because we are deaf its discrimination. I used to mechanic airlines DC-10 & L-011 also I grew up family with Eastern Airlines My dad Retired Capt Pilot for Eastern Airlines also my mom was Flight Attended North Central Airlines . I have no problem different airlines.

  12. Never again with United and their non refundable tickets.

    Things Change. Plans change.
    My trip is not for four months. Plenty of time to make a simple change
    No flexibility with United.

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