Missing Montreal More and More Everyday

I can’t even begin to put it into words on how much I miss Montreal. A whole lot. I have been listening to my favourite tunes when I used to put it on my way to Montreal and it makes me miss it even more. I can’t bare the thought of not being able to go to Montreal and not driving on my highway 401 East in Ontario, Canada. Due to some circumstances, I am unable to go until next year. I started to cry today and I realized how much I miss it, But I have pictures and memories that will last me a life time. I am in love with my happy place. I miss it very much and especially my friends there. I need to see them very much. I know that friendship works both ways and they can also come to my city and see me too, which a lot of people have told me that. They said Talin, if you mean so much to them, let them come and visit you for a change and you not go to Montreal as much as you did. In a way I agree with them because it works both ways and friendships from a distance works only if people work at it, But then again I feel like I am missing a big part of my life by not going to Montreal. I have so much on the go and I am unable to make it, but I will be soon and next year is just around the corner and I look forward to going. It is going to be bittersweet because I have been away for so long. Time to make a good visit down….. That will be soon….

Love them all.

One thought on “Missing Montreal More and More Everyday

  1. I haven’t read anything but this comment, so I only know what you wrote about here. Sorry you can’t go to Montreal! Sounds heartbreaking. 😦 While I agree about friendship being a two-way street, you have to remember that there are many people who desperately want to do something, but don’t for whatever reason. Whether it’s because they don’t find the time, or because they don’t know how someone will react or what to say. While a lot of people are quick to say “actions speak louder than words” and if you don’t see someone it means you don’t care, that’s not always the case. Often times they DO care, but life gets in the way.

    I don’t think that helps your situation at all lol. But I just thought I’d point it out because it is the truth. A good example is the difference between a mother and a father. When I moved out of my parent’s house the first time, my mom would literally call like everyday or every other day. Not a week went by where I wouldn’t hear from her. So what about my dad? He never called ONCE. He called a total of three times, and each time it was only cause he had a question or wanted to know where mom is. Does that mean my dad doesn’t love me or didn’t care? No. It just means he is not that type of guy who’s going to pick up a phone and call ANYONE, including me. But you can’t equate that with him not caring or not loving, some people just don’t show it how we wish they’d show it. Maybe it’s a failing of themselves, maybe they don’t realize it, who knows.

    I am super guilty of that myself. There’s this girl who I am in love with more than anyone I’ve ever known, and yet now it has been a whole year since I last saw her or even talked to her on the phone. I don’t know where the time has gone, but I literally think about her every single day…. I am sure the reality is going to be different than my fantasy as we’ve both moved on in life and things have changed I’m sure, but to say that I don’t love her would be wrong. I do. And I need to work harder at SHOWING it. But my absence doesn’t mean that I don’t still care.

    Anyhoo, take care.

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