I Only Exist To People When They Need Something From Me

Isn’t it funny how the human interaction works? Isn’t it crazy how things have turned out to be, and existing in some people’s lives only when needed? I have been through heck and back for that. People do not realize how bad it is to use people for their own benefit and nothing to show for. It is not nice at all to put someone to the side when they are not needed. It is not a good feeling at all, and I have been through it a lot and I have experienced a lot of people tossing me to the side. It has happened so much to me, that I never really noticed it until recently. Because when people have a good heart, when people are raised with good values, that is something that people never say no to or hardly ever say no. I know I have brought this topic up a lot about being used and everything, but nobody can really tire of hearing it, because it is an eye opener. Never be afraid to say no, and if they decide to not to want to talk to you or involve you in their lives, then so be it. You don’t need people in your life that will use you, and abuse your good nature and go on with their lives. It is not a nice thing to do. People need to start learning that material growth is not always going to get people anywhere and I do not like materialistic people who just need things and don’t care about people. Time to say no and time to pick yourself up and realize that this world has become greedy with some greedy people. Not cool at all. Save yourself a lot of hurt and only put those people in your life who actually are worth being part of it without materialism and being used. All the best in your relationships!

10 thoughts on “I Only Exist To People When They Need Something From Me

  1. Well all I can say is you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and you sound very caring but also very strong. So don’t worry about those people that hurt you, because you will be the stronger better person in the end.

  2. Totally relate to this! I find it difficult to say no & when I do; am made to feel like I am rude, uncaring. Someone takes you for granted & you still have to smile; take it!!!
    Lost faith in humanity really. Either we must change to be selfish, lose values we cherish or learn to say no as you say when you know you are taken for granted!! I don’t know to do either 😦 & just end up getting hurt over and over!!

  3. Dear Talin; Realize that not only are you needed, but you and your words are Wanted and that is an even higher level of love. Be well and please keep writing. Please take a little pity on those who don’t know how to show their love or perhaps, can’t, for whatever reasons. Stay focused on the good. Think good and it will be good. Your friend and follower, Reuven

  4. From reading this post, it looks like either (A) you have no friends at all or (B) it’s YOU who do not appreciate your friends. The title itself is so condescending to your friends: “I ONLY EXIST TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY NEED SOMETHING FROM ME.” Every few weeks you post the same idea! How do your real friends feel when they read this? I can’t imagine.

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  6. I understand how you feel. Being raised by a parent who treated me this way has numbed me to relationships in general.

    You know what the tragedy is though? They don’t even realize what they are doing. I have learned to accept it as immature human nature. You have a gift because you notice it.

    The moment I did as well, I truely learned just how precious reciprocity was. I learned just how powerful independence was. I learned just how selfish immature people are.

    When a girl you have liked for years only warms up to you when she notices you have something to offer it makes you jaded. When you have to put on a fake smile all the time around leeches it slowly eats away at your soul.

    Sometimes.. I just wish I could find someone who didn’t need me but, was still interested in who I am inside instead of what I can offer them.

    Things like religion make a lot more sense now. They are just using their (insert God) to gain a reward because (insert God) can do something they can’t. Give them afterlife insurance.

    She just talked to me because she wanted to feel noticed. He just gave her a compliment because he wanted to ejaculate with her. They just mocked me because they know I won’t do anything just like they can’t do anything when their parents bully them at home. It all makes sense to me now.

    Nobody is really trying to bette themselves because they use others as a crutch. It’s sad if you want it to be but…

    I like that I am no longer living in an illusion. Now I can accept the truth that nobody likes me. They just like what I do for them.

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