Toronto’s Pearson International Airport – YYZ – My Love For The Airport

Since I was 7 years old, I embarked on my first journey through Toronto Pearson airport on my way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and I will never forget the time when I came into the airport. I was so excited and happy. Now every years twice or 3 times a year, I travel through this awesome airport. So much to see in the airport and do before your flight. So many new shops have been open, and everything has become so modern and sophisticated and its easy to go to your gates after you check in prior to boarding. The beauty of the planes landing, taking off, and coming to the gates is something so awesome. From the biggest planes to the smallest. I just love air travel. It is so fantastic. I love it when other passengers ask me questions and stuff. It is like written on my forehead or something hahaha. The Airport code is YYZ for Pearson Airport. I know this well by heart now, and I love going to the airport even if its dropping off someone. I am always the one to be dropping off people and having them be on their way to their flights because everyone knows that I know the ropes and how to manage well at the airport. It takes a little research and patience with everything. Once you go to the airport it is pretty straight forward on what to do. you just have to prepare before you go, you have to do everything in your power to make your airport stay and your experience a happy and pleasant one. Don’t go to the airport not knowing diddly squat about it, don’t go to the airport being completely clueless. research research research, that is the way to go, but again if you have doubts, you can still ask airport personnel but everything would be more simple when you do research right?

A few blogs ago I wrote about tips before, at the airport and after the airport on what to do. If you have any questions in regards to anything you don’t understand at the airport, let me know and I will help you. It can be Toronto, It can be Los Angeles, it could be an airport in Europe, just ask me and I will guide you through simple steps you can do to avoid hassle at any airport across the world. Gotta love my Pearson Toronto Airport 🙂

3 thoughts on “Toronto’s Pearson International Airport – YYZ – My Love For The Airport

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