My Back Pain Has Been Ruled Out To Be Sciatic Nerve

I went to visit my doctor the other day and I told him that, my lower back pain is unbearable and its an aching pain which is hitting all the way to my toes. He checked it out and he said that I have sciatic nerve and he said my back isn’t fully straight. I started to freak out a lot and I just got scared about it. So my doctor is going to send me to a chiropractor and I am going for massages for my lower back. I am so happy they approved it for me to go have these massages done. It is unbearable. When I stand up or lay flat, nothing happens and It is good and I don’t feel pain, but as soon as I sit down, The pain just rushes down to my toes and sometimes Its so painful that I end up sleeping it off. After 10-15 minutes of sitting, the pain starts again. The pain is hitting my abdomen pelvic area. I do have UTI (urinary tract infection), but I am going for an ultrasound and Cat Scan to see what is going on and to further it. I just need to get to the bottom of all this. I can’t do much when I have this pain and its terrible. I want to be able to not feel pain anymore. Its a chronic pain that keeps coming back. my thighs, my feet, my toes. all hurt as a result for lower back. I need to relax today and lay flat… I will see with what happens from here.

10 thoughts on “My Back Pain Has Been Ruled Out To Be Sciatic Nerve

  1. Your doctor said it was not sciatica, or he didn’t know? It was not clear from your blog post. A chiropractor is a good idea. Have you ever tried yoga?

  2. I feel for YOU, cause the other day like a month and a half ago I hurt my left shoulder blade or whatever was there very close to the vertebra the sharp pain started from a weird exercise and a false movement and stayed with me till now…. you are lucky that they are sending for an ultra sound or and mri to know exactly what it is, for me I went to the emergency three times, pain was so bad on the blade and couldn’t sit down, and they each time took only xrays loool which doesn’t show much but the doctor was an specialist and he insisted it is muscle or whatever and he said that I also need therapy, also have been approved for treatment, He had given me Arthrotec to reduce the inflamation, till now I will still go to the therapy 🙂 the pain is almost gone after almost 2 months but still nagging me sometimes, to make a long story short, what you have might take sometime and do not miss the therapy or the ultra sound to find out exactly, I am so surprised that he hasn’t given any medication, I am sure after the ultra sound they will prescribe something…LOOK AFTER IT AND DO NOT POSTPONE BEFORE GETTING WORSE.

  3. Both my husband and I have suffered from Sciatic nerve pain. It is so painful my thoughts are with you, but after several visits to chiropractors and medication for the pain someone suggested Silica. My poor husband couldn’t get off the floor, screaming in pain. I bought the homeopathic silica and it was gone in 24 hours. We couldn’t believe it! Now we keep it handy all the time! It came in a little blue tube which you twist the cap and little ting sugar pills melt under your tongue. After 12 hours you can move again after 24 it’s gone… well, it worked for us you might want to give it a try… 🙂

  4. Wow. Thought that was better. I’ve been through sciatica AND herniated discs, so I understand. I’m sure you’re anxious about the flight as well. Make a friend with whatever pain medication the doctor allows.

  5. Sciatic pain is aweful, I hope you feel better soon! I’m a massage therapist, and I have a stretch I do with my clients – maybe it’ll help give a little relief? Try putting your knee on the seat of a low chair or the edge of your bed (I use my bed), put your hands down to brace yourself and bend forward. Touch your forehead to the bed or back of the chair if it doesn’t hurt. If you’re more flexable, bring your ankle up onto the bed/seat of the chair so the outside of your calf (and thigh, depending on the height of the chair/bed) are on the bed/seat of the chair, heel of the foot against your opposite thigh, and bend forward. Brace with your hands again, and stop before it hurts. Hold for about 15 seconds if you can, and try both sides. If you’d rather try it sitting, put your ankle on the opposite knee and bend over. That’s one of my favorite stretches, and it seems to make my own back feel better too. I hope that helps a little, and get well soon!

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