My Fear Of My Luggage Not Arriving To My Destination With My Plane

Have you ever had the fear of your luggage not being with you on your plane when you head to another destination, especially when your flight is connected? Have you ever had that bad feeling that your luggage was left behind? I am so happy that when I travel soon, I won’t be checking in a bag. I will be just taking a carry on with me. I want to have a piece of mind that my things are with me, and not stowed under the plane, and not knowing what is happening with my luggage. I have connecting flights with my destination, so I better be safe than sorry later. I have minimized quite significantly with the amount I will be taking. It is only for a week and a day or two, so I do not need to pack much. I have packed a few shirts here and there, under garments, one or two shoes, and just a pair or two Capri pants, and plus a little bag of toiletries. If I need anything, I can just ask my family there or something. I am all prepared. I do not want to risk my luggage being delayed. That will be my worst nightmare.

I know it doesn’t matter with that, as long as you get to your destination safely, that is more important than a luggage being delayed but it does matter too. what will you wear? It was my worst nightmare, coming back to Canada from Armenia. I had taken when it was at the time Armenian Airlines. My Luggage arrived to Frankfurt Germany and I had taken Lufthansa Airlines, and when we landed in Toronto, A lot of peoples luggage came, but mine and a few people from my group had their luggage missing. We didn’t end up getting out of the airport until almost 2 hours later trying to figure out my luggage delay, and so they called the Airport in Germany, and my luggage was left behind as well as others. So that was a sign of relief. I got my belongings back 4 days later. I had a whole bunch of souvenirs, and gifts for people and it was just my worst nightmare. I fear connecting flights. Sometimes with direct too, but most of the time with direct you get your luggage and you feel at ease, but since I am traveling in the states, There is no way I am checking in my bag. I have got a carry on that is to the size of the airlines request and allowable luggage size which I am happy and plus I will have my hand bag which is good enough for me. Now I get to travel with no stress and my mind always being on my things.

If you do not really need to check in your luggage when you travel with connecting flights, I suggest you get carry on. The best thing you can do. The liquids must be in compliance with the airlines and the countries restrictions to measures… see with your airlines and your security safety websites. Have a safe and worry free trip everyone if your going somewhere.

11 thoughts on “My Fear Of My Luggage Not Arriving To My Destination With My Plane

  1. On my way to a destination, especially in the US, I usually travel worry free with insurance, knowing that even if they lose my stuff, I have an allowance to buy new. Ya, there is the inconvenience of having to shop but, hey, like you said, there are worse things like the flight never arriving!!! Glad to be breathing and not upset for shopping.

    The problem with the flights to US now is that because there is a 25$ charge for checking in bags, many ppl are taking carry-on, and let me tell you, quite bulky carry-ons at that! Get on the plane fast to get a spot over head or make sure your carry-on fits under the seat cause otherwise they will make you put your bag in the belly of the plane. That’s what happened to many ppl on board my last flights to US and they weren’t very pleased. There was no room to store bags!

    I checked my bag both times. Going to a conference, I needed business clothes so not possible to put all in a little carry-on unfortunately. But with 2 connections going and 1 coming back, my bag came back safe and sound! 🙂 Have a safe trip dear!

  2. Even if you check a bag with most of you luggage, it’s not a bad idea to also have a carry on.

    At the end of 2007 my wife and I spent Christmas and New Year’s in Germany. We were there for 10 days, so I packed quite a large bag. I also saved a little space for bringing a few things back. I highly recommended that we each pack one complete change of clothing in a carry one bag. When we landed in Heidelberg after a 10 hour flight crossing several time zones, my bag was not lost; it had never left Atlanta. It was still on the ground having never been put on any plane. The next day was Christmas Eve. I wore my “emergency outfit” and the airline delivered my luggage by courier to the front door. He actually had a van full of bags he was dropping off.

    Always pack a carry on whether you check a bag or not. That’s all I’m trying to say 😀

  3. I’m living the dream as I type this. I am on a round the world trip with the first stop in Japan, and I flew from Tokyo to London yesterday (Saturday) via Frankfurt. Checked bag didn’t make it, but I have a back-up change of clothes/toiletries in a carry on as well. I thought I’d have my bag by now, but 24 hours later, they haven’t even scanned it into the system. A real voice on the phone told me this moring – after a 5 minute wait – that there were over 1400 bags stranded in Frankfurt due to a computer problem. A recording a few minutes ago told me that the wait time for a real person was an hour. That’s pricey at a half a euro a minute.

    Maybe they will get me my bag by the time I leave for Chicago (home) in 5 more days. Who knows? I hope the folks I’m meeting here don’t mind seeing me in the same pants for 5 days.

    • Oh I know how you feel. It is the worst feeling ever. I am sure they wouldn’t mind, but wow 1400 baggage left behind. They should have better computing systems by now. Very irresponsible by the Airport personnel. This is a persons belongings, this is a passengers property, they need to be very precise and cautious and make sure these bags get to their perspective owners. This is important, and some airport personnel don’t acknowledge that and don’t even care, so then they go through all this hassle to find peoples bags. I hope you get yours sorted out.

  4. Now that you are working in the travel industry, you should have major connections and this type of thing should never happen to you in the future! Again, congratulations on your new job, and I do hope you let your friends know about it soon. Many people would be very interested to read about your duties, how you got the job, etc.

    • Dear Martha, thank you so much for your continued support. You are such a lovely lady. All the best to you. There is a blog of mine that will be coming up as I have scheduled it to appear in a few days from now and its about being noticed by a travel advisor. I am just letting you know that it was sort of a repeat, but I did get it. Thank you so much. I will soon be promoting my agency soon. I just have to get into it more, and then I will definitely. Thanks again dear. your a sweetheart.

  5. I went to a three day entrepeneurial conference and the last speaker was very motivational. He was in a bad accident a few years ago and died for 3 1/2 mins. He has a bionic arm worth $150,000, the only one in Australia, which he programs with his iPhone 5 in his pocket. He arrived the day before and his arm didnt come with him. So on his arrival day he was one arm-less! I thought why on earth would you not carry it on board the plane with you? Especially as it is so special an irreplacable. I think he has been through so much, he was badly injured and was told he would never walk again etc, that is maybe why he was nonchalant about it. Not sure. He screwed a plectum onto his stump and can play the guitar again, he did that and sang. It was pretty special. I feel to add his link, as he is a pretty special person as the Australian one who is also known internationally, the guy without arms or legs.

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