So Excited To Meet One of The Actresses On CSI Miami TV Show

I am so excited! Very soon, I will meet a former actress on the TV Show called CSI Miami when I am down in California. A good friend of mine is best friends with her, so I will be going out with them for dinner or coffee. I am super excited and I have been a fan of hers since the show started to air, and she is one of the originals in the show. I really miss having her on the show. She had this incredible acting talent. I am going to ask her if she is going back on the show anytime soon. It would be nice to have her back on the show alongside David Caruso, Jonathon Togo, Adam Rodriguez and more. Her name is Sofia Milos. She is such a sweetheart and she sent me a message saying, I cannot wait to meet with you. I am excited as ever. I love having connections. I know she is a regular ordinary individual like the rest of us are, but then again the excitement is out of this world. I will be treating her like a regular human being and won’t be going crazy when I see her. These celebrities don’t like it when people get too too excited and overwhelm them. They are as human as we are right? So Keeping calm and collect. It is going to be nice to meet her after watching her for a while on CSI Miami. I love that show. Too many of the same genre out there, but to me CSI Miami and Hawaii 5-o are the best crime solving shows out there. Anyway, I can’t wait to see her. its gonna be amazing. Who knows I may meet other celebs during our meeting too. She said she will try to get Adam Rodriguez to come too. AHHHH If she can, that would be amazing. Lets see what happens. So far we have made the time and place plans.. So I am so looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “So Excited To Meet One of The Actresses On CSI Miami TV Show

  1. Richard says:

    My mother’s side of the family is in the film and TV business in Los Angeles. My aunt is movie producer and my cousins are writers, product assistants and producers. One of my cousins is a producer on one of the biggest TV shows currently airing. I feel qualified to give you a tip about meeting actors and actresses since I’ve met a lot of people in the business. Don’t bring up their career or current project that they are working on. They meet too many fans on a daily basis that do this. Most strive to have a normal life. If the talent introduces the topic of their career into the conversation feel free to ask questions. If not, steer clear of it and get to know them as a person. You may develop a friendship. Bringing up the subject of their career may make them see you as just a fan, and not, a possible friend.

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