Are We Really Almost At The End Of The Year?

Wow, I just can’t believe how we have come to almost the end of the year stretch of 2012. This year I have had ups and downs, but mostly ups. Thank goodness for the gift of life. Once October hits, 3 months to go. I just can’t believe it. I could’ve sworn we just started 2012. Now were in October. Crazy huh? Well, the moral of the story is that never take life for granted and always take opportunities and never settle for less than you deserve. Time is flying by quick and everything has its times and everything has its limits. Enjoy life, live life to the fullest extent and make most of it. We all are trying to make it in the world and trying to survive, but always know each and everyone of you in this world has a gift, and each and everyone of you has something special to contribute to the world and each of us have a voice, identity, and existence. We all live in one world and we all have a say to something, we all have our difference in opinions, different understandings, different outlooks on life, and how our daily lifestyle flows. Each day that goes by, I like to learn something new. Whether its something on the internet or outside in the real world, I love to read up on facts, quotes, among everything else. I am so lucky and so amazed on how much information this world retains and how some things have not been discovered yet. There are probably so many things in the world that we all don’t know yet and there are probably artifacts hidden in grounds somewhere. Life is always a mystery and there are people who always look for that mystery and uncover it as much as possible.

There are all types of people in the world, and I appreciate each and everyone of them. We all serve a purpose in the world and we are here for a reason. God chose each and everyone of us and he has plans for us all. Some can be short unfortunately and some can be longer, but it all depends on the flow and circle of life. There are many professions. Some people can be good at something and some other people can be good at something else in life, but all in all were all here to shine the world, keep the world going, and life keeps going on with the life we life. So enjoy, fulfill your dreams and your life with goodness and the means to change the world for the better. All the best to you and I wish you happiness, health, success, and much love to the world of people.


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