Another Kitchen Gadget To Add To My List

I am so happy with my new kitchen gadget. I have been looking everywhere for this one and I finally found one that is a good size. It is called “The Big Boss, Ice Cream Maker”. I am loving it. I made Chocolate Ice Cream from Scratch. I do not want to get store bought ice cream anymore. I would rather make it at home so I know what I am putting into my ice cream without all those added preservatives and chemicals they use to make the ice cream in the factory machines. Now I make it on my own with my own ingredients, and I am so happy with it. It came with a recipe book too. You can make frozen drinks, ice cream, sherbet, sorbet’s, and so much more in the terms of frozen goods. Now with ice cream makers you have to really read and follow the instructions before you use it. Any improper use or handling, it will get ruined. Ice cream makers aren’t cheap. Unless it comes on sale, then you get it, but its good to get the bigger sizes. The small ice cream makers, you can’t really put anything in there.

Anyway, I am so happy about my ice cream maker. I am going to make another one soon.

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