Twitter – A Social Network I am Enjoying

Since 2009, I joined the world of twitter. I gave it a lot of thought. Should I join the site or not? So I decided yes, I will join this awesome site. In 140 Characters or less you have to come up with status messages and retweets from others. I have developed a liking for twitter, and when you hashtag, and link to keywords, you can see other people on twitter tweeting about the same thing. Its a pretty cool website which I am enjoying a lot. A lot of my friends, a lot of celebrities, anchors, reporters, companies are on, and social networking is booming ever so quickly because of twitter and a lot of companies post job opportunities, travel agents, travel companies post discounts and specials, among being updated with your favourite shows, celebrities, sports, and everything else. Twitter has enlarged my social networking and networking has become so huge and so incredibly enhanced. Facebook and Twitter are booming. As well as pinterest. I remember when I first started using twitter. I never had too many followers in the beginning but then after I started to blog more, and after I started to really get to know twitter, the followers kept adding up and it was amazing. I wanted to expand my social networking and reach out to as many people as possible. I wonder how so many people get so lucky with thousands of followers. I am still wondering what you have to do, to become a successful twitter user with followers adding up and everything. I have always wondered what to do. I have looked online and there are so many websites of content on how to be successful in twitter, but I keep hitting a dead end because its just too much out there and I just can’t find a great website for great tips. Do you all have tips for a successful twitter account holder like me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

If you have twitter please add my blog one called @TweeterTalin and my Professional Twitter @TalinOrfali — to get the latest updates, news, quotes and more.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Twitter – A Social Network I am Enjoying

  1. I will add you as soon as Twitter allows me to follow more people, Talin. Apparently you can only follow 2000 people unless the percentage of people following you is high.

  2. Talin, I’ve looked at both of your Twitter accounts. The @TweeterTalin account seems to be used mainly for promoting your blog posts. But you rarely retweet anyone else’s posts, which is important if you want credibility on Twitter (in my opinion). You follow 2,000 people and have about 1,400 followers. Twitter will not let you follow more people until you get more followers (they want some balance, apparently). Some folks actually BUY followers, but I can’t imagine why anyone would do that. It’s not about the number of followers you have – it’s about engaging with them regularly.

    The other account you say is your “professional” account. It looks like you follow a lot of celebrities and write posts that include their handles (Kim Kardashian, The View on CBS, etc.). Perhaps this is an effort to be noticed by them? I’m not sure. If you’re trying to find a job through Twitter, this link may be useful

    It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve through Twitter. I am a writer with a debut novel, and by engaging with people, I’ve had my book broadcast by many of my followers. It’s led to increased sales and book reviews.

  3. Slow down for this old lady!! I just got use to blogging and am still not sure how to effectively use all the features. Besides, I’d have to use 10 twitter posts to complete my long winded thoughts. Ha ha

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