What Happened To Patriotic Dedication Hockey? NHL Lost A Fan

In the last couple of months, hearing about NHL Having a lockout, cancelling pre-season games, cancelling a lot of practices and hearing the owners and a lot of the players wanting more and more money seems to be the trend setter these days with a lot of greed going around. Not just the NHL But everything else. Okay, I understand the NHL (National Hockey League) needs money and everything and it takes money to get far, but this greed has got to stop, and this childish behavior of he said she said, needs to stop. What happened to patriotic hockey? What happened to the dedication and love for the game? Yes some Players are passionate about the game, but greed ruins everything. Your just getting millions of dollars just passing around a puck on the ice for 82-84 games throughout the season, whereas people who work their butts off in real society and reality get minimum wage or low pay. Is that really fair? To go to hockey games in the arenas it costs an arm and a leg to attend the games. Make it cheaper for the fans, and easy accessibility for low income families who are fans of the game, but cannot go to a game because the money is tight. Gary Bettman and the league should open up their eyes. I know a lot of people who have stopped being an NHL Fan because of all this behavior.

Where is the integrity? Where is the passion? I guess that was back in the early years up to the 90’s and then it was all down hill from there. I used to be a real hockey fan, and I never missed a game, I used to go to so many card shows, I never missed an opportunity to see players at different venues across the city, and I used to be a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens clubs, and used to collect a lot of memorabilia, sports cards and everything, but now, its lost its value and I don’t think I can be a fan to greedy people anymore, and I don’t want to be sitting down watching a Hockey game and seeing a bunch of owners and players only playing for money anymore and not for the love of the game. That is how I am feeling that money is overpowering everything and it is not such a good thing anymore. I can surely tell how hockey was played before and how hockey is being played now. More fighting, more penalties, and its a form of he said she said type of thing. I can tell how the old timers of hockey really enjoyed the game, but now not so much anymore. If NHL wants to keep their fans, then its time to smarten up, take initiative to keep costs to go watch the game low and listen to the fans and their expectations. Without the fans, NHL will not exist, and without NHL Fans, all of you would be out of a job. So in order to keep fans happy, listen to them, be on the fans side, don’t break their heart, and leave childish and greedy behavior.

This year, the lockout will hurt all the fans, but even if the lockout does happen or does not happen, I choose to no longer follow hockey and be part of hockey pools anymore. I’ve lost my flame. I hope they make smart decisions from now on. If they decrease ticket prices and food prices at the games, they will make more money and more revenue, but they think the more they increase it, the better it will be for them, but on the contrary. People with seasons tickets, people who have that love for the game, whats going to happen to their feelings? Whats going transpire? Greed just takes away all the fun and all the patriotic feelings away of the game. Money comes and goes, but the fans are the true essence of hockey, without them NHL Is nothing, sorry but that is the honest truth, sorry I still stand with my decision. I am an NHL Fan no longer, until I feel the dedication, patriotism and love for the game, I won’t be either of that to the league. Open up your eyes owners and smell the coffee.

6 thoughts on “What Happened To Patriotic Dedication Hockey? NHL Lost A Fan

  1. Well said and spoken Talin, you should send this blog to the news papers to let them know, they did send me a private email since I was a dedicated fan to Toronto maple leafs I replied no thank you you just lost a fan and list interest in Hockey. YOU SPOKE MY MIND…. Every word of it…. They killed the game

  2. This goes for just about everything I used to consider sportsman-like… Another prime example (I’ll save NFL for someone else to cuss about) NASCAR. The rules have gotten so uptight and the money to the teams and drivers so high, that the average racer can’t even think of competing. It’s not just NASCAR. My son has been building a dirt track car for four years now. Just about the time he has it put together on his tight budget to put it on the track, there is a rule change that makes him too slow and non-competitive or illegal to drop down to a lower class. So he tears the car apart again hoping to have it in shape before the end of the season…

    I’m so tired of everything being about money. Of course, I’m also self-employed, which means there is no such thing as Unemployment for me. It’s a daily scrub to find someone doing flooring in our area. For all of the same reasons. Money. I’ve been in the flooring trade for 24 years, and have had two (yes 2) raises. In fact when the housing went in the tank, I went from 35,000 a year to under 18, this after losing the house and all of the business assets. I could rant on that all night… I’ll save you that, this was supposed to be about sports…

    I’ve been to a few (I’m in the Northwest Arkansas area) Tulsa Oilers games. Local hockey doesn’t seem to be too bad, but since my region doesn’t have a team it’s hard to root for anyone. And for the record, I wouldn’t go to a football bowl game, a NASCAR race, or an NHL game for anything. I barely ever go to the movie theater… DVDs work better for those who have the patience! 😉

    Okay, I’ve said enough, I’ll leave you alone now, heheh

    Thanks for the thoughts on this though. It’s nice to know that someone else is getting tired of this too.

    • this issue has been irritating me for a while now, but today I had to talk about it. It is so ridiculous. I should send what I wrote to the NHL and get them to read this and newspapers. Its about time people stand up to greed like you and I.

  3. I also would like to say how much the NHL has deviated from the mainstream of American culture. Look at the film industry. Give me a great hockey film from the last 10 years. I can give you 10 football and baseball flicks. I have given up on the NHL like many fans and feel bad for the older generation who remember when hockey was relevant.

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