If You Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, Then Be Yourself

I know I have written a lot about this subject, but I want to bring this up again. I am really concerned about people trying to be someone else not being ones self. There is nothing wrong with who you are, the true essence of beauty in the world is ones individuality, someones different outlooks on life, people opinions, it is the way the world goes around. If we all become the same person and not be ourselves, the world would be boring right? Now, if you love and respect yourself, you will be yourself and shine to the world and say hey, this is me, I am me, and if people do not like it, they can get out of my life and not return. Always know that the real people in life will always appreciate you, no matter who you are, and no matter your profession, no matter what talents you have, no matter where you live, but there will always be people who judge others without knowing the reasons and that is wrong too. Never try hard, and don’t try to impress people who are not worth your time and your effort and don’t cry over fake people who just leave you out to dry and who leave you to the curb, do not shed your tears away for people who do not matter. Fake people do not deserve your tears. People should be there for you in good times and in the bad times and when people stay for the bad times, confide in you and do things that will benefit you, then they are the ones who deserve to be in your life. Don’t worry about fake people, let them go.

You know what I detest the most? When people always find a new group of friends to be with for a year or 2 years and then they find a new group to be with all the time. After that, they go find other people. When people ditch you, it is the worst thing ever and I know the feeling. This past year I have had a few people ditch me and toss me out on the street and who has made excuses all the time. I know the feeling of being ditched and abandoned by those certain people, and we used to talk everyday, we used to see each other all the time, and now, its slim to none and we always made a pact that we will never leave each others side, no matter what happens and we will always be there for each other, and then all of a sudden the bonds got broken and I felt like yesterdays friend, and now they are with another group of friends. It is terrible when people make promises and pacts and then do not even keep that pact and then boom all those years of friendship down the drain. It is not good to do that to anyone. It can be a really bad outcome. So do not worry about people like this. True colours and peoples true personality comes out sooner or later and it is God’s way of protecting us from people like that and it is a way where we wake up and smell the coffee. It is always important to know who your true friends are and if they like you for you and if they are there for your through thick and thin, than that is all that really matters in life. Everything else will come to place, but that is very important.

I wish you all the best and do not cry and love, respect and be yourself. It is the best thing you can do for you.

3 thoughts on “If You Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, Then Be Yourself

  1. victoriasvisits says:

    That is a beautiful post and something I just needed to hear, Talin! Thank you so much! Someone just did that to me, and it was just so painful! Thank you so much for writing and helping me realize I am not the only one! God bless you!


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