I am In Denial About The Cold Weather Coming Back

In the past 2 weeks, I have just been thinking about how Fall is approaching and it has come now, and all I can think of is the cold weather coming back and the time to wear jackets and warmer clothes, and I am in denial that it is here. I was out tonight with friends, and It was freezing. I went nuts. I said even though I am Canadian, I still cannot bare this cold weather. I am more of a Spring and Summer person and I hate wearing jackets and long stuff. Today I still went out with my summer gear and I had on a light jacket until I froze my behind off for most of the night. I said, why couldn’t summer stay all year? I know I am in the wrong country to talk bad about cold weather, but I just cannot handle it. I would love to live somewhere warm for the 5-6 months we have this crazy crappy weather. It is not my cup of tea at all. I am so happy to be escaping a few weeks of it during the winter time, which I am happy. They said it will be another mild winter coming up, but judging by how cold its getting at nights from now, It might be both with extreme weather and some days better than the others. I do not like taking snow off my car, or shovel my driveway. I so cannot do that. That is not my forte. I am just in denial. I refuse to believe that its back and it will get worse. Time for me to hibernate indoors and be selective on when I go out, and if not important, I will not go out in that cold. No way… Anyway have a safe and happy season and bundle up because its only downhill from here. lol — Have fun!

8 thoughts on “I am In Denial About The Cold Weather Coming Back

  1. mcolmo says:

    Well, I don’t know, since I live in the tropics, i do look forward to cooler temperatures because our Summer is very very hot, around 95F and up, so when October comes it goes down to low 80’s and 70’s, much better!

  2. Nosy Ass says:

    I live the cold weather! I love the warm weather as well. However, it’s been getting a little to much on the warm side. I wonder if that will happen on the cold side? 😉

  3. deannagreensandgardenart says:

    It is bittersweet, the cooler air settling in. It only means winter is approaching. Winter is not so bad! Jigsaw puzzles, movie nights, more letter or blog writing, and snug on the couch with wrap and a cup of hot tea or cocoa. Some of us are allergic to the cold. I am. I get uticaria (hives) and angiodema (swelling form the inside out), so I take precautions that I am not in the cold too long. I developed this allergy condition 4 years ago and currently seeing a immunologist to find out why. Is anyone else allergic to the cold?

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