The Hype Of The iPhone 5 Is Not My Cup Of Tea

It is a crazy gadget world we live in these days. Every year technologists and engineers are coming up with new gadgets and a lot of people are getting indulged by all the ads and the hype about them and now with the iPhone 5 that is out. To be really honest with you all, I do not have a hype for the iPhone 5. It is another way companies make money like Apple. Another thing, that does not sit well with me and which I think is super crazy, people line up for so many hours outside stores to get the latest gadgets and gears whether the weather is cold, rainy, super hot, snowy, people don’t care, they want that gadget on the day, they don’t want to wait a week later or a few weeks down the road when things will be less crazy. People think that they will sell out of things, but things really never sell out. They make you want to buy it, so they always have stock no matter what. I just don’t see the hype of waiting for something for so many hours. It is not worth my time, and it is not worth it. I’d rather wait, then anything. You can always find iPhone 5’s now without hassle. Once its out, its out. Honestly, I see the news and I see pictures online of people waiting for it, and some go on the news and explaining their story on how long they have been waiting and what they have been doing since they have been waiting. I mean come on. That is craziness. I am sorry if it is someone you know, or someone that can relate to what I have said, but It’s the truth. It is complete madness to wait for a gadget that will go on sale later on, or when I can get it later when it is not so chaotic.

Just because a lot of people are getting it, it doesn’t mean I have to follow the circle. I am happy with my blackberry. Yes the battery life isn’t all that great and sometimes their can be faults with the phones, but I like my blackberry. It is doing the job I want with texting, calling and everything. All other times I could care less if it doesn’t have as many features and stuff. I am satisfied with a phone I can communicate with, rather than paying for something that is in style now. Blackberry’s are too, but I will not follow people and I am my own person. So what if I will be out of the loop with iPhone life, No matter what, It is not my cup of tea. I apologize, but really not interested.

11 thoughts on “The Hype Of The iPhone 5 Is Not My Cup Of Tea

  1. IPhone 4 is what I have and I am very happy with it, if you like computers and other stuff Iphone 4 or 5 is the answer, Mac has good products, I will stay with my 4 for now, it is amazing, honestly you should try, it has nothing to do being like others, almost every person has an Iphone 4 so it is nothing special to show off, no worries besides who cares others, I know deep inside you probably want it LOOOL go for it, no one will be say anything, as long as you are happy, sometimes you have to follow new technology , enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. Talin, my phone cost me $39.96 at Wal-Mart. It costs me $45.00 dollars a month for unlimited talk, text and web use. It’s not fancy; I can’t watch videos or listen to MP3’s; but it serves its purpose. That’s all I need.

  3. I feel like this was directed toward me β€”Β I got the iPhone 5 yesterday! Haha! Maybe it’s because I’m much younger and the younger crowd tends to chase technology. And I think it’s funny how you use the phrase “Not My Cup of Tea,” I was just writing about the phrase the other day! Great minds think alike?

    For me, I prefer the iPhone just because I can use it for all of my needs, and many of the apps are helpful while you’re still in school. πŸ™‚

  4. Totally agree with the queuing up stuff but business wise as a designer I’m expected to have Apple products and more importantly they let me get on with my job. Funny enough I just posted about the same stuff!

  5. love this post! I have an IPhone 4 and I was just having a discussion with my husband last night about the fact that we get the IOS updates, so it’s just like getting a new phone!! No need to spend $399… reblogged to Thanks!!

  6. I have a HTC sensation and I’m quite content. I do not buy into the cult of Apple. I need for people to stop thinking Apple is the be all end all of good smart phones.

  7. I don’t even have a smart phone, Talin, but am thinking about one…maybe the old IPhone 4, when the 5 comes out, just to get a good deal. I’m not a follower, either, and will check out all options before purchasing. I wouldn’t want something new in the beginning, either.. Let the bugs get figured out first…have a great weekend! Lauren πŸ™‚

  8. It might just be because I don’t have a data plan and or iphone, but I do have to agree that I think to some extent the iphone thing is overdone. Maybe it’s just not for me, but I think there are more important things to spend money on

  9. Why are you settling for a less than exceptional phone? πŸ™‚ With the availability of technology and how accessible it has become, why settle for anything less than what you want from a mobile device?
    Apples “hype” is part of the brand culture and it can be offsetting for non-Apple users.

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