Something So Happy & Wonderful Came Back To My Mind Today

Something came into my mind today, that made me smile and made my whole day. I remember when I did my last Driving Exam with the Examiner 4 years ago and he took me out on Highway 401 in Ontario, and before we left to do my Driving exam, he asked if I drove on the Highway 401 Before? I said, does driving to Montreal and Back count for 4-5 hours each way? He said, wow you must have a lot experience. I said, I sure do. So he took me on the Highway 401, and he said “In the History of my 10 years as a Driver Examiner, I have never seen such a skilled and really great Highway 401 Driver, just like you before, you are the first one in my books”. I said, thank you so much :). He said drive back to the Drive Test depot, and park anywhere, then he congratulated me, and said YOU PASSED. You are a G Driver. 🙂 I got out of the car Jumping with happiness. 4 years ago Last month. 🙂

I have had a lot of practice driving, reverse parking, parallel parking, 3 point turns, emergency park braking, and among other important driving techniques. I love driving and it is one of my favourite things to do. When that examiner was with me, I felt comfortable and I did my signal lane changes, and everything without feeling that nervousness. It was an incredible feeling. When he said that I was the best in his 10 years of taking people out on the highway, That was really an awesome thing he said, and I can tell he actually meant because the tone of his voice and the way he said it to me was fantastic. He and I we were talking about a lot of things while he took me out driving. He said I wanted to just test you how you can talk and carry on a conversation and drive at the same time with others in the car. You succeeded again. You handled situations well, and you stopped and pulled to the side when a fire truck was passing by with its sirens. So much happened in that 15 minutes and it was incredible. I will never forget that day when I became a fully licensed driver, and I will continue to drive the way I drove with the examiner and I will continue my safe driving habits. It is very important to exercise good driving habits. Insurance premiums go down, and life will be much easier, safer and you can save a life.

All the best to those who will and who are going to get a drivers license and permits.

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