Determined To Get The Body I Have Always Wanted

I finally found a painless solution to exercise without putting strain on my lower leg calve muscles which become in excruciating pain. The other day my grandmother gave me this pullie where you put your feet into this exercise pullie, and then you just move up and down with holding your arms on the bars and just move up and down. I started doing 100 and it is so easy to do. this is my 3rd day doing this, so I am excited, and I already feel my tummy tightening, and I feel my hips tightening too. This is an incredible tool for exercise. unfortunately they don’t sell these things anymore. I worked up a sweat this morning doing 100 of these pullies. it is also helping my legs too. I call it the pullie because I don’t know what it’s really called lol. Next week I will increase it by 10 pullies more. I am determined to fit in those gorgeous dresses, and I am determined to get the body I want. I want to lose at least 10-15 pounds until I head to my trips next month.

Here comes the new me.

8 thoughts on “Determined To Get The Body I Have Always Wanted

  1. frederica cassis says:

    Very good! From my experience it is like that too:we have to discover the right sportive activity =enjoyable + the right amount of calories per day!
    Remember that if we have few extra pounds to say goodbye to, Nutrition is the other important part of the project.

  2. frederica cassis says:

    Very good initiative! In my experience too I have a similar point: we have to discover a sportive activity that we like=joy +right amount of calories per day=success in having a good health and saying goodbye to the few extra pounds.

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