Small Changes Can Make A World Of Difference – So Thankful To My Readers/Supporters

Hello everyone, I’d like to personally thank each and everyone of you, who spent time to comment on my post about my dilemma in exercising. Your thoughts, comments, suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated. I am so touched beyond words as to how you all are so caring and who give their input. It means the world to me. I cannot thank everyone enough for the positive reinforcement you all instilled in me pertaining to exercise. I believe that small changes like this, can make a world of a difference. Tomorrow I am going to call my doctor and make an appointment and have him send me to a nutritionist who can sit with me one on one and explain to me everything about pain, and how to exercise effectively and keep off the weight with a strict regiment which gives me portion control among everything else. I believe that with changes like this, I will see long term results and everything I had dreamed about will come true, all my hopes and dreams of getting into beautiful dresses and feeling great will be paid off big time, by finding alternatives to losing weight without the walking and putting strain on my legs. Well, at least for now when I lose the initial 20-25 pounds, then I will get to walking, because right now I am unable to do it with my lower leg calve muscles burning like crazy, but I plan on doing that soon.

Again, I’d like to thank you all for your wonderful and incredible comments, that lifted my spirit. with everyone’s support and with everyone’s positive enforcement, I can get through this no problem. I just need that motivation, and that confidence to do it. Thanks again, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You all engraved a special place in my heart and all of you are special and wonderful people. I was in happy tears and in a great mood reading everyone’s suggestions today. It is great to see people who care for others. It was very comforting to see. Again thank you for everything.

This week is the week where things will get done, and results will be shown.

I love you all.

All the best to others who have weight loss issue problems. You can do it. There is always solutions to everything.



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