Exercising Problems – Experiencing Excruciating Pain

For so long now, I have been experiencing a lot of exercise problems pertaining to my lower leg calve muscles. I end up starting to exercise,, and then comes the excruciating pain in my lower calve muscles, which becomes unbearable to handle anymore and it comes to a point where I start to cry. It is that bad. I am trying to do my best, but exercising is not working out for me. I am going crazy. If that pain does not come, I am fine, I can do my exercising no problem and I sweat too, but when the pain strikes, I end up screaming, groaning, and just start crying like no tomorrow. I do not know what it is, and I had asked a person who works in a health booth, they said nobody should be getting that much pain from just walking.

She said, there must be some imbalance in you, or you are not getting enough vitamins or have a deficiency in something that is making your lower leg calve muscles being in that much pain. I explained to her that it is so bad, that I cannot continue to my exercise, and I just quit like cold turkey. I want to do exercise, I want to feel lighter, I want to look better and feel better, but it is not working out for me. Literally. I am trying to find solutions to lose weight without exercising. I don’t want to join any programs. I want to do this on my own. I want to do this on my own pace and take my time. I don’t want to lose drastic weight every week as its unhealthy. I need some answers, and I just can’t seem to be getting anywhere with my pain. It is like someone is cooking inside my calves. It burns so much that I just squeal and I feel like my legs are on a burner. It is seriously that bad.

I want to get in shape, I want to fit in those dresses, I want dates, I want a relationship, I want to get married with a nice and descent guy, I want to be able to have my life and enjoy it and look good in pictures, and be happy with feeling skinny, but this pain this terrible excruciating pain is preventing me. I know they say no pain no gain, and I know they say it will hurt, but it will get better, but not in my case. I went 2-3 months straight exercising and walking everyday without skipping a day, but didn’t do me any justice. The pain was still there.

Am I missing something in my body? Is there something wrong with my muscles? I don’t know, but I need some answers. It is making me go crazy. Everyone is on my tail to get thin, and to lose that weight, but How could I? I am really suffering when I do it. Its really bad.

Do you have ideas for me? What do you think I should do which will be an alternative to exercise to lose the weight? I am all out of options here. Thank you so much.



27 thoughts on “Exercising Problems – Experiencing Excruciating Pain

  1. Talin there is nothing wrong with your calves or legs I think, no secret somehow you have to lose weight then walk to lose, your muscles will support you then, limit your portions and cur down your sweets and pasta for start and see what happens…. do not lose hope you will succeed .

  2. We have the same problem, you and me! I attributed it to my shoes at the beginning but I changed my pairs, but the pain was still there, just less present. I changed my exercising plan, adding a whole 30 mins of stretching (not exercising any pressure, just stretching all my muscles) and it does wonder!
    You might want to check with your doc, because it could also be tendonitis from over-exercising. Potassium and iron are extremely important to prevent cramps but also to carry oxygen to your lower muscles.
    It can be a lot of things! But a trip to your doctor would definitely prevent any permanent damage if there’s something wrong with your muscles.
    (I was up to the point that I couldn’t walk without a burn feeling going up to my knees)

  3. I agree with the dehydration theory. Eat bananas or drink coconut water; its great for alleviating that feeling. Also, start off slow. Do short walks and slowly increase the distance, then maybe work your way up to a jog and try to pace yourself. Eating healthier is a huge part of that though; watch your portions and try to substitute bad foods for good ones. Feel like eating a snack? Opt for a serving of fruit, make yourself a fruit parfait with strawberries and yogurt or eat some peanuts. Small things like that do add up.

    Good luck!

  4. Could it be a pinched nerve? Or it could be muscle strain if you’ve been pushing yourself hard. In any case, go see a doctor because that’s not normal. Cramping would even be more normal than what you’re describing. And you could try swimming too and see if it still hurts when you’re in water. Make sure someone’s around to bail you out just in case it acts up while you’re swimming.

  5. Sweetie ~ seeing a doc is always a good idea. Maybe you reached an exercising plateau … and don’t let other people tell you how much you have to weigh! On the pic from the Marathon I can see you look beautiful and are very slender. Lots of love from Texas and keep us posted!

  6. For your pain in legs, I recommend you to see the doctor to confirm there’s no injury. Then my idea is some slow and sustainable exercises like Yoga or Taijiquan (太極拳)…I imagine there would be some classes of those exercises in your town, too.

  7. I agree about seeing your doctor; she or he might have some ideas. If it’s cramp, a friend used to say a little salty water helped.

    Re weight loss, two things that worked for me: Wii Fit Plus (with balance board — there’s some very gentle stuff on that); calorie counting (boring and slow, but effective, especially combined with a little gentle exercise). A good book to have is the Calorie Bible… I found old copies in charity shops, but I’ve also seen more recent versions available on Amazon.

  8. Yes, see a physician! Perhaps you need physical therapy. To lose weight, eat less. And there are other things you can do – swim, yoga, Pilates. Good luck, Talin.
    PS the right man will find you attractive no matter what your weight is!

  9. Also, be sure you’re getting plenty of protein in your diet. When you start exercising more frequently, your body need ALOT of protein. Hope this helps, I learned from experience. 🙂

  10. You need to see a doctor, nutritionist to start eating the right types of food for you and join the gym and get a personal trainer. I know you said you don’t like to have a program to follow, but this will give you results as you will do what right for you rather than what you think is right.

  11. It sounds as if you are cramping indicating an imbalance of electrolytes which can happen with exercise. Potassium is just one of the alkali metals that your body needs. There are several electrolyte replenishing drinks you can buy that may help. They were developed to help athletes avoid cramping: Gatorade, Cytomax, Accelerade, GU2O, Propel Fitness Water and PowerBar Endurance are just a few. You may want to go to a stronger and more expensive replenisher, either Sports Street GU Brew Electrolyte or Hammer Nutrition HEED Sport Drink Mix. There are also many electrolyte replenishers called enfalytes developed for babies to help them with imbalances after excessive diarrhea or vomiting.

    Another thought is that if you are wearing high heels a lot, this may be contracting those muscles in an unnatural way. You may want to start a regimen of calf stretching which will definitely help. Check this website for further info:

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Ive been a runner for many years and have experienced my share of cramps and, indeed, the remedies.

  12. Hi Talin.

    A couple of thoughts.

    For exercise to work effectively you normally need to do a little and work up to more. You said you were walking and exercising every day but the body usually needs to have periods of rest and not do this every day and certainly not to start off with, otherwise you will strain the muscles.

    You do need to see the doctors and you may need to see a physiotherapist for advice on what exercises to do to cause you less pain.

    One final thing and I don’t want to worry you but I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January of this year, it is a chronic pain condition and often affects several areas of the body and exercise hurts like mad. My worst areas are my legs and thigh areas. I was doing gentle exercises as recommended by my physiotherapist and even they hurt. This is not normal but it is for someone with Fibro. But Fibro sufferers have constant pain in many parts of the body, so if it is just in your legs when you exercise then it is probably just from over-exercising and using certain muscles much more than before.

  13. You should definitely contact your doctor, but it sounds like you have toxins burning in your muscles. In yoga, we eliminate toxins as we exercise, because exercise itself creates toxins. The other thing to consider is your diet and water intake. You should be well hydrated to help you kidneys and liver clear out the toxins, and you should consume less toxins. Have you considered a gluten free diet? Even just a month of this may show you a difference and from there you can decide which foods make you feel better or not so much.

  14. I had leg and muscle pain similar to what you describe for over a year. I would agree with RoSy…drink plenty of water throughout the day…that always helps. Gentle exercise and perhaps some icing of muscles that ache — Sunbeam has a great wraparound ice pack you can throw in the freezer and use when needed on aching muscles. I might suggest also checking with your doctor whether or not you might have developed any food allergies — I ended up with a wheat and minor dairy allergy I didn’t know I had. Also, aim for organic foods, mostly greens and fresh food, and load up on high antioxidants foods and supplements. I tried everything for muscle aches and finally found lkrill – a form of omega 3 supplementation, derived from from krill in the Antarctic Ocean. Krill left me pain free almost immediately! I couldn’t believe it after so many months of pain. We’re missing out on so much valuable nutrition in our foods today because of overprocessing, and I’m a healthy eater, but I was immobilized for months with unexplained muscle pain. I recommend finding a strong natural source of supplements o your diet, and krlll. Let me know how it works for you! All the best!

  15. It looks as if you have some great ideas already!I would also recommend a look at diet…cutting out sugar and all processed foods is a terrific start… if you have already done that, perhaps more veggies? Be gentle on yourself!!

  16. Do you eat a lot of bananas? If you are low on potasium you have muscle cramps in the legs even to the point of falling. This works both ways. Too much potasium will cause the same thing. Just a note from someone who get cramps from eating bananas because I have high potasium levels.

  17. Definitely sounds like a vitamin deficiency. I was having similar leg cramps and went to the Dr. They just take some blood and tell you what you are lacking. I started taking the proper vitamins and eating better, drinking more water and voila, no more pain.

    Also, I know a lot of people who just changed their diet, ate healthier foods and less and dropped a ton of weight w/no exercise..in fact my co-worker lost 20 lbs in less than a month when she cut her sugar intake and fat and began eating raw veggies. You can do this!!

    Your outward appearance will only be magnified by your inward appearance.

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  19. Are you warming up properly before exercising, Talin? this is a common cause of this sort of pain. Start off gently and build up. And do eat bananas or other potassium containing foods, and drink more water – they can’t hurt!

  20. Flavored Magnesium powder mixed in water alleviates muscle cramps – I noticed a difference with my lower back pain. Deep sea Krill oil also works for me – it’s also good for cardiovascular & joint health; keep hydrated and gradually increase the time you spend exercising each day. Perhaps try swimming – doing a lap or two with a kick board is great for burning kilo joules and is gentle on the muscles and joints. All the Best.

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