Travel Tips – Know Before You Go – Saves Time, Prevents Problems

Have you ever been stuck in an airport not knowing what to do? Have you ever been lost or confused about where to go in the airport, what to do? Are you one of those travelers who doesn’t smile? Are you one of those travelers who doesn’t get excited? I am sure a lot of people have gone through those problems with not knowing the procedures of an airport, checking in, heading to your gate on time to make your flight, knowing what to do before heading to the airport, confirming with your flight before heading to the airport, what to pack in your carry on, the weight limits, etc. Well, have trouble no more. Talin to the rescue. I am here to show you how to get through security efficiently, how to check in with your tickets, getting your boarding pass, among how to have fun when traveling, being social while traveling with other passengers, initiating conversations with others traveling. Its a pretty fun experience if you make it fun. You don’t want to start your travels being miserable now do you? Well, without further do, here are my tips for happy traveling:

Tips on Heading to Airport with all the necessary documents and the know how:

01 — Make sure you have your passport ready – make sure it is not expired or close to expiry day. That can cause problems and some destinations won’t allow passports that are ready to expire 6 months to the date it expires. check with the airport and country visiting. super important.

02 — Make sure you have all necessary and required documents, visas, vaccination proof, travel insurance cards. As well as Your Travel airline tickets, e-tickets.

03 — do research on the airport, terminals, maps, airline or airlines you will travel with, closest restrooms to the gates, places to dine or have a coffee or whatever. So that your travel experience will be fast and easy getting through airports. you will have a peace of mind and you won’t need to keep asking questions.

04 — Make sure you have prepared addresses, phone numbers to contact.

05 — Make sure you confirm with your airline or airport on your flight times 24 hours before, and then check again 12 hours before, then 6 hours, then 2-3 hours before heading to the airport. You must check around 3-4 times because it may change or delays may arise. so be prepared.

06 — When checking in to check your baggage in, co-operation with the airline attendants is crucial, and answer the questions firmly and to the point, have tickets, passports and everything in your hand while your in line waiting so that you don’t have to scrounge around to look for your stuff in your bags.

07 — Make sure you weigh your baggage, carry on baggage before heading to airport and check with airline listings on weights and measurements on how big you can carry with you on the plane.

Tips on Getting through Customs/Security efficiently and quickly:

01 — Go on websites and call airport security before heading to airport and ask questions if you are not sure of what to pack in your carry on.

02 — Liquids and gels must be in a plastic, transparent bag or unless otherwise is stated by your country customs laws, or airport authority laws.

03 — make sure not to wear too many loose clothing, like jackets, belts, jewelery, hair accessories, and take them all off before going into customs and put them in the bins they provide.

04 — These customs people sense if you are nervous and they sense when someone is out of sort. If you have nothing illegal in your carry on, act normally and don’t show that you are nervous or else that is subject to searching and lots of questions will be asked. So just take it easy and just be normal.

05 — Never make jokes and wearing shirts with bombs, and never make small talk with others in security. stay quiet and do as they say and then once you pass through, you can resume to your chats and discussions, but don’t make jokes on threatening, or making other passengers uneasy and uncomfortable.

06 — After passing through customs. always carefully look at the gate numbers and head to your gate accordingly and look at your boarding pass when it doubt. You don’t always have to ask airport personnel for everything. Airports are now sophisticated and they make it easy for passengers to find their flights easily.

Tips on Having Fun and Making new friends on your travels.

01 — Your traveling, your going on an airplane to a different destination, lighten up a little, smile, be excited, enjoy the experience. Don’t be miserable. Have fun with other people.

02 — You are surrounded by other people who are traveling. make conversation, initiate, start with this “Hey your heading to Cuba too? So am I!” I hope that you have a lovely trip and a great vacation. You can say to a person, hey you look nice, or I like your bag or something of that sort, and if you see someone not smiling, just go up to them and ask is everything okay? do you need to talk about it? its always good to start someones trip with people who are nice. it makes someone feel more better. trust me.

03 — Be nice to the flight attendants, be patient with your requests, don’t hassle flight attendants because they have 200 other passengers to handle and care for too. Your not the only one traveling and with needs higher than others. Always be pleasant with them, they are just trying to do their jobs and following rules. Be mindful and just take it easy. It won’t look good on you when your setting yourself up for negative attention from other passengers, and it saves the hassle. Just be nice and respectful to the officials on the plane and while boarding for your flight. Just enjoy yourself and don’t yell. Not cool.

04 — Enjoy your travel experience. Don’t make others travel experience dull because you choose to be that way.

05 — Most importantly, have fun, help people at the airport, enjoy it.

Have fun and enjoy your travels!

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