In Happy Tears Today – The Days Are Getting Close!

I cannot believe another month is over tomorrow. August flew by so quickly, summer flew by quickly. I cannot believe September is going to be here in 48 hours. Where is 2012 going? Beats the heck out of me. Too fast. This year so far has become a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and curves and loops. I am just looking forward to getting to California to see my family I haven’t seen in 13 years and I am getting emotional and excited at the same time. It will be an emotional reunion that is for sure and I probably won’t stop hugging my cousins lol. Anyway, I am in happy tears today. I realized that this month is coming to a close and I can say that October is another month away, which I know September will also fly by. I will be heading to Vegas too! I have so many things to do in September anyway, so I will be keeping busy that is for sure. I have so many things to look forward to and accomplish.

I already have my dress ready, and I have already decided what I will be packing, and what I will be wearing, as well as having addresses, maps, and everything organized. I am the organizer extraordinaire in the family when it comes to researching, planning, getting maps, directions, and doing extensive research on places I do travel, and I make a lot of notes too. It makes me organized with everything, and I like to prepare the required travel documents, as well as searching airport websites, which gate numbers to depart from, where the restrooms are located in the airport maps, where we can get food or anything at the airports and among other things after stepping out from the airport and different procedures. I have been experienced in traveling so much that things come natural to me and everything is common sense to me before going to the airport, at the airport and after reaching a destination. I like to obtain information on everything and keep it on my little file, print it out and carry it with me where I go. My family says, that I am one of the best when it comes to this stuff.

I know some people that go to the airport and not knowing what to do. I remember a few times, when passengers were lost at the airport in Toronto, after I had come in and submitted my luggage to the airline personnel, giving them my ticket, passport information and among answering questions they have for me, and the process took not even 5 minutes for me. It was simple for me. As I was heading toward the gates with my boarding pass, I had noticed a couple who looked like they were fairly new to Canada, that was struggling and confused, so I came to their rescue, they asked me, were trying to find this Airline, I said to them you are in the wrong terminal to fly internationally. They spoke pretty good English. I said You have to go to the other terminal for this airline. I said to them, it is not here. I was flying to the states at that time and this terminal is for Canadian and US Flights. Then before I headed to my gate, I made sure they got on a shuttle to take them to the other terminal and I made sure the driver of the shuttle took them to the exact airline kiosks. He said, yes for sure. I told the driver, they are confused and got to the wrong terminal, he said no problem, so they left and they said, thank you very much. It is awesome to help people out. Its happened to me a few times at the airport where people would ask me questions while in the airport about to take my flight.

Gotta love traveling. I can’t wait to do it again soon! A month and a bit to go! Happy tears are setting in place now.

Here’s to another travel experience 🙂


7 thoughts on “In Happy Tears Today – The Days Are Getting Close!

  1. sounds good I am sure you will enjoy your trip, if you had any space in your luggage I would have squeezed in there…LOOL have fun I am sure the September will pass quickly.

  2. I can’t believe you put everything so well into prose and give me a feel of how you are looking forward to the trip. Happy journey dear.

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