My Public Speaking Experiences – I Love Public Speaking

Since I was a little girl at 9 years of age, I remember doing my first public speaking at my elementary school during school mass participating in the prayer, and among volunteering to speak up in front of large audiences. Since then, I began to love public speaking. As I grew up and went to high school it was repeated. I always volunteered to give awards to other students and I would always give speeches on behalf of the groups because others were so shy to do so. So, my public speaking even furthered after finishing high school and college. I began public speaking, doing public relations, being a communications director in the Armenian church youth committees I have been with in the past, as well as when I volunteered at the Armenian Saturday School. I grew this sense of ability to speak in front of large crowds, and present awards and other things to people while so many are watching me. It feels amazing. I can remember a time when I did public speaking for more than 10 minutes. I had written a huge article, and presented it in Montreal and in Kingston, Ontario for Armenian Youth Joint meetings, sports weekends with the priests, youth, other clergy members and other visitors in the meeting. It was an amazing feeling.

Now, I know your probably asking, were you nervous at all? Were you shaking? Was your heart beating quickly? Well, in the beginning yes, but as I went on to do more and more of it, I didn’t have all that happening to me anymore. It was as natural as can be. I pretended like I was talking to myself in the mirror, and I felt like there was nobody in front of me even though there was and I would pause and look at the crowd for a couple of seconds, then back to my speech I read to everyone. It was such a beautiful thing to see how everyone’s eyes were looking at me and how it was lovely. I remember after a Palm Sunday luncheon, I had done a full page or two of a speech I had written and after that, I had received a huge applause from the audience and it was super special to me. I love outreaching to people and talking to people in a public setting. It makes me feel great always.

Now, I never give up and opportunity to do public speaking and among going up there and taking group photos and among everything. I love making that connection with people and knowing that and seeing that people actually are engaging into my speakings, makes me feel more incredible, which is why I want to go to schools, I want to do motivational and inspirational speeches especially to the young crowd and especially to those who really need it. I always here if you need, and I am always here to come out and do them for schools, institutions, among other places in need. I am your woman 🙂

Thank you and I wish you the best. Have you done public speaking before? How did you feel about it? How was your reaction to it after?

13 thoughts on “My Public Speaking Experiences – I Love Public Speaking

  1. I myself have done it long time ago and not a large crowd but I do know that it is not easy, most of all needs confidence and looks like you have it, keep it up.

  2. I love public speaking which used to be my biggest fear. I met and surpassed the fear a few years ago as I graduated in Communications from a local college.

    I lead a large group in a 15 minute meeting this morning. I had them do some activities and I received numerous compliments; two from the president of our division. I understand that feeling of people enjoying what I have to offer.

    I really need to work on my career to be more in the communication field. Right now, I am working in a job that does not meet my creative mind and sometimes I feel frustrated.

    Thank you for your inspiration!! God Bless you.

  3. I was literally born into public speaking, having been raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. For some reason, I have never felt the nervousness or fear that most people describe as their reaction to public speaking. I actually just posted today about attending a Toastmasters event. Even though my reaction to the event was traumatic, the actual act of speaking publicly feels very natural to me. Now that doesn’t mean that I happen to be a “good” public speaker, just that it feels comfortable. Whether I possess any skill or talent for speaking is for others to decide… I admire your goals in this area and wish you great success! Keep on going.

  4. I certainly had public speaking experiences in my life, I was nervous and self-conscious. I had no guts to look at the listeners. There fore there were no eye contacts. Besides I am not good at by-hearting even a single sentence. There was no order as I could not remember the order in which I should present things.But in putting the words in black and white I think I am not that bad….One big problem is that I am not in a status therein I can get public speaking opportunities. In the age of fifties it may be too difficult to get a higher position in life…. It is too late to sharpen the wits…

  5. I have done some public speaking in high school and college. How comfortable or uncomfortable I am depends on the subject matter. Speaking about something I am passionate about, such as domestic violence or gun rights would rattle me. Not so much nervous, but the excitement to educate people on certain subjects is intense.
    No doubt, public speaking is second nature to you. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  6. I speak to the public every day, Talin. I’ve spent 2/3 of my career doing just that. It began at my high school graduation. I won a big award that year, and I was required to give a speech. I had already been recording speeches for scholarship contests and prizes, but for all this, I was “orating” in soundproof recording studio booths. Nevertheless, I was speaking, even though to no one, it seemed at the time, in particular. I racked up some scholarship prizes to boot. At my graduation, standing on that dais, with my prepared speech on the lectern, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be listened to, appreciated, or even under-appreciated. I came out smelling like roses, as they say.

    My education and training were leading me away from speaking before the public, alas. After college, and several years in research and clinical laboratories, I would not have guessed that I would make a career move that would take me into public radio, public speaking, historic interpretation, general gum-flapping, etc. But, it felt natural when I was speaking on a theme to all those with whom I’d gone to school (almost all 12 years with the same kids!), their families and my family. So, when the need to change my career arose when it did, it was natural for me to go back and visit the idea of speaking to the public. I have never turned back. Keep up the good work. I discovered your blog today, and you have also inspired me to start my own.

  7. In the high school I had a few classes for public speech. I was a kind of person who spoke faster, louder and more (unexpectedly and unnecessarily) than planned when one got upset.

  8. Public speaking has been on my mind a lot lately since my youth pastor has asked me to help in ministry. I was SO EXCITED at first, but then the Enemy tried to sow seeds of fear. But the past two times I’ve preached at my old church, I loved it and did well because God was with me. I really look forward to public speaking again, but I sure would like these butterflies in my tummy to go away! While writing this comment even my stomach has gone aflutter!

  9. The best thing I did to improve my speaking skills was join Toastmasters!! I was already comfortable in speaking, but TM helped me organize my thoughts and work out a speech in seconds. (It also helps to organize thoughts in writing!)
    Now I speak to audiences 800+, I do webinars, private workshops and all! I love it!

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