It Takes Solid Foundation To Build A Happy Healthy Relationship

Everyone deserves someone who will always look forward to tomorrow. I believe relationships start with a good foundation. If the foundation is not built properly, the future of that relationship will crack and it will be unbalanced. In Order to have a successful relationship it takes steps to reach to the roof of your home. A Solid Foundation home wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to grow. In the beginning those bolts, nails are hard to trust, but you learn to build your trust and it is like a beam. without the support of the beam, the home will demolish and it will not be solid anymore. It takes two to make that house into a home from the beginning. Everything is half and half and to me Materialism is nothing. The foundation and beam is all I care for. everything else comes secondary. When will I be a future MRS? I don’t know, but I am hoping soon!

4 thoughts on “It Takes Solid Foundation To Build A Happy Healthy Relationship

  1. Having been married three times now, I can say with certainty that if there is no trust as a solid foundation, the relationship and marriage is almost certain to fail. My wife and I have both been married twice before and we know what we did wrong, admit it and have built on the failures of our pasts, to become better and stronger. Our marriage is rock solid and we love it. What I am saying is that your approach is spot on, and that you are choosing wisely. The waiting sucks though…

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