My Favourite Music – What I Like To Listen To

Due to popular demand, people want to hear from me on what music I like to listen to and what genre’s. I like all sorts of music, but some a lot more. I like music with beats and also music with meaning. It is a universal language and I am sure all of us like music in some shape or form.

I like:

Caribbean Style music:

Reggaeton, Cubaton, Merengue, Spanish, Cuban Music, Latin, Salsa, Mariachi, Reggae, Bachata, Steel Drum Music, Tropical Sounds, Mexican

Middle Eastern, Europe:

Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Greek, French

North American:

Pop, Alternative, Trance, House, Dance, Freestyle, Motown, Old School,


What do you like?



9 thoughts on “My Favourite Music – What I Like To Listen To

  1. tucsonsongstress says:

    Hi Talin….It’s me..the Tucson Songstress.  Just read your blog about your favorite music and LOVED it!  Wondering if you’d want to write a guest blog on my site and give my readers your “song of the day.”  I’ll post your bio and link to your blog if you want to do it.  I love the way you write and and just learned at a blogging conference that one way to increase readership is by guest blogging and inviting people to guest blog.  Would love to have you if you’re willing!   Best, Julie (aka….the Tucson Songstress) Julie ZornEMAIL: Twitter  BLOG URL:      

  2. Jeff says:

    I like a lot of different styles. Classical (Romantic Period being my favorite), Electronic, Christian Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Folk, Praise and Worship. I’m sure I’m missing some…

  3. fame1444 says:

    I LOVE music! I especially like music you can sing along with. Gospel, Jazz, Motown, Neo Soul are my favorites, but on any given day you can hear Classical, Rock, Contemporary Christian, Country, Pop, and R&B on my iPod!

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