Reunited With One Of My Teachers From The Past – Recieved A Really Sweet Message Today

Today, I decided to spend an hour on the computer and I decided to have a nice long nap today in the afternoon and I definitely needed it. I feel so much better today and more relaxed right now and I felt like all my sleepless nights diminished today by having a nice power nap for 3-4 hours. Today, my day got even better. Out of no where, My 8th grade teacher back from 1999, messaged me and it is so great how she still remembered me from all these years we didn’t talk and out of the several hundreds of students she’s had, all of a sudden remembers me. She is such a sweet angel and I miss her so much. Soon we will get together for coffee and hang out and catch up on life and talk about the old times. She was also my 2nd grade teacher too. She had been in the same school for so many years. She is an inspiration to me and who taught me a lot about life and among everything else. She said, that I had been trying to look for you for a while now, and suddenly today, When I got that message, it was something so timely and beautiful. I saw a recent photo of her and she still looks the same as she was in 8th grade back in 1999. I miss her very much. The power of the internet is something so incredible and today I was greatly moved.

This past weekend when I cried on Saturday morning, I felt like a big ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and today I feel relaxed, rested, my mind is rested and that power nap did wonders, and I wake up to check my e-mails and get back on the computer in the last couple of hours and I find that message from my teacher, that was one of the greatest things ever. She deserves so much and I can’t wait until we reunite face to face. It will happen within the next couple of weeks. Wow, can’t believe how crazy this internet is. People from the past show up in your messages. Its amazing. Well, today was a great day and looking forward to a great week ahead.

Have a lovely week!

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