Just Broke Down Crying So Much — I had Never Cried This Much In A Long Time

I have a confession to make, and I am going to come out with it. This past Saturday morning, I have a break down and just started to cry in front of my computer screen. It just came out, out of no where. Although I always preach about positivity and always being happy, but crying did some good for me, and I emptied my heart with just crying up a storm. I realized so much especially in the last year, and merely about how much I miss my happy place Montreal and how badly I want to go back there. Since February, 2012, I have not been there. I know you are probably saying, why don’t you just go then? Well, due to some circumstances, I am unable to for the time being until I can settle and do stuff and plus I still have a lot of traveling to do this year, so It is going to be too much in between. This year has been a travel year for me, but yes, I cried so much. I just miss my friends a lot and I need to see them. I will see them soon. I don’t care what it takes, I will go. even if it is by myself or with friends. I must go. There is no way else about it. I miss them heavily much. They have no idea. Plus I want to meet people I haven’t met yet, who I am friends with on facebook. I have to do this.

I cried enough on Saturday morning. Not going to have another one of those breakdowns again. No way. I cried so much, that still my chest hurts and my eyes are burning slightly from the crying. It put a number on me. I am so passionate about Montreal and I say, its my happy place and forever it will remain that way.

20 thoughts on “Just Broke Down Crying So Much — I had Never Cried This Much In A Long Time

  1. bibuji says:

    It’s honest of you to show that sometimes you burst into tears, too. And it’s great that you stood up from tears to smile again. Your tears will make flowers in your heart grow up.

  2. annarashbrook says:

    Home sickness can bit you at the oddest times, I speak from personal experience, for me it was watching someone cooking Fish and Chips on the TV! It was so good you had the wisdom just to go with it an get it out your system, we can repress so much and that makes it worse. There’s that song which comes to me at these times, ‘Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, start all over again!!!!!! Montreal will still be there for whenever your chance comes to go back, Blessings

  3. Maxi says:

    Happiness doesn’t mean you can’t have emotion, Talin. It’s okay to be sad because you miss a place, the people, etc. And…

    It’s okay to cry in order to release those emotions. You’re only being human, which is a good thing.

    Blessings to you – Maxi

  4. chriskellywriter says:

    Hope you are feeling better now. It’s kind of odd, but when I opened my email this Monday morning I saw your post about feeling sad, and then the blog I follow about an American woman who lives in France with her French husband/kids, was also feeling sad. She wrote: D’ou viens ces larmes? Where do these tears come from?

    Maybe it’s the end of summer, holidays/vacations over….knowing the easier days are coming to a close?

    Anyway, hand in there, Talin. You have a lot going for you.

  5. AHHA says:

    I’m sorry you broke down. Sometimes you just need a sea of tears to cleanse the heartache. Hopefully you can find your way to Montreal. Take it easy.

  6. Martha Reynolds says:

    You say you won’t have another breakdown again. Sure you will! It can be very cathartic, so don’t deny yourself. And I’m sure it has very little to do with going to Montreal. You’re unemployed and frustrated, living off your father’s largesse, not making your own money. It can be very demoralizing. So – go back to school, get a job (or at the very least volunteer and do something), write your book, stop watching television! But it’s good for your readers to see that you are not always living “on the sunny side of the street.” Thanks for acknowledging that.

  7. mcolmo says:

    I’m sorry you had to cry so hard. 😦
    The good thing is that usually one does feel better afterwards, but don’t cry, you’ll get there eventually.

  8. jsnapp62 says:

    Years ago when I moved to California from Indiana and left everything I knew and was comfortable with I use to cry myself to sleep every night saying,”‘why did I do this?” But after 30 years I know exactly why I made the move. I had a lot of wonderful friends, memories both good and bad and the career I had there helped me to move to this beautiful place I have here debt free and able to write without working. We’ve had some tough times here but the good outweighs the bad and I say that because the Bible teaches us to be content in whatever state we are in. If we are children of God he is with us through this whole life experience and gives us joy even in sad times. The world doesn’t understand that peace but it is true none the less. AND sometimes we do just need a good cry!!!

  9. Carmen Djemalian says:

    I’ll put my coach hat on here, I first appreciate your honesty and openness to your fans and friends. That says a lot about you. Second, as TheNewHappyMe, I suggest you take this occurrence as an indication of its priority for you. If something is so important, you must create a plan around it to make sure you include it in your life. Even if you cannot include it in your life for another 3-6-12months, the plan and anticipation of getting what you want will be enough to fuel you. Hope you lie how that sounds… 🙂

  10. April Locklear says:

    Missing your friends and Montreal is a normal process. Miss them, but in the process help yourself. Skype is an important part of my life. I am in NC, and have special people in Seattle. We Skype and cook together, and then sit down and eat together. We even have movie night where we watch the same movie while we are on Skype. You can Skype and shop as well. I do all I can with my distant loved ones, at least until I can see them. Don’t forget to send pictures through text as much as you can, it all does make a difference.

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