It is A Job To Find A Job – It is So Difficult

I cannot believe how difficult it is to find employment these days. It is not like before when over 10 years ago, people really wouldn’t look at someones resume, they would just bring them in for an interview and then boom, hired, now everyone has to go through background checks, a lot of companies want  100 applicants or whatever the case maybe and then they will choose the top 10, whilst the other people get canned. Nowadays, it is not what you know, or the level of education you have, it is who you know in that company. If you do not have the correct networking, and know the right people to get into a job, most of the time they don’t even look at you. There are a few of my friends who got into work by luck and by chance because they know someone in that field that can get them in. You can have 0 Education, and get into somewhere. I have a college and high school diploma, and it taking me a long time to get somewhere. My resume is up to date, and I have had substantial amounts of work experience in the past and they have said nice things about me to some employers of my next job.

I am going crazy with finding a job. There are job coaches, and employment centers, and I have gone through it all. I just can’t seem to get anywhere. I am trying my hardest and applying everywhere online. Now most companies provide their e-mail addresses, and websites to apply for jobs through there. I know the traditional way is to go hand in the resume in person, but some of the employers these days, don’t want that. they make it simple for the applicants to put the resume online and send it that way.

I am telling you, these days because of a lot of people slacking off, and not showing themselves, and some people who have become so lazy in their work and want to go home quick, and those who don’t want to work overtime to show their employers and prove themselves further, and that is the reason why lots of employers look and think twice and maybe 3 times before they can hire a person who actually works hard, and who actually wants to work. Some people slack off and don’t prove themselves and that is why employers, managers, CEO’s don’t trust people anymore, and that is why they hire people they know to do that specific job and don’t hire someone they don’t know. It all makes sense now. I know people out there who are so lazy and don’t want to do anything in their lives, and just go through life doing the bare minimum. Because of people like that, hard workers and those who actually want to work, cannot get anything. I am going crazy. I want to make money, I want to get more experience, I want to further myself in being a person with customer service.

It is starting to drive me crazy and I feel like I am not getting anywhere, but I know something will come up and I know that someone somewhere will discover me and I can start working, and making my own income. I just feel that those days are coming and soon. I am not going to give up and I am going for the right networking and going to ask around like crazy. I am up for doing anything right now and I don’t care about what I studied. I am going back to school for journalism and writing and hopefully I can get a job in a newspaper or some sort of news channel. well, anyways I am hopeful.

I wish everyone else who is also looking for employment all the best. I am in your shoes. so I know and understand perfectly how you feel. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “It is A Job To Find A Job – It is So Difficult

  1. Oh wow, you are so right on the lazy thing and people wanting to go home all the time. People have lost the work ethic. Entitlement is the new way to work. Let the fed pay for me. God bless, keep on looking!

  2. It is with an ultra running race as it is with job hunting. Plan to be there for the long haul, evict negative thoughts from the corners of your mind, stay hydrated and nourished (don’t let your body fall to the wayside during an unemployment-related depression), and just keep putting one foot forward. Expect rejection as you would expect pain and discomfort and know that with every day, every resume, every interview, every rejection, that you are ONE STEP CLOSER to the finish line: an offer. I wish you the best. If you need some insight or humor read any of my posts between February and May. I wish you the best. Keep your chin up. You are one day closer to the finish line.

    🙂 volunteer. It helps in SO MANY WAYS – attitude, resume-filler, when they ask “what have you been doing?”, boredom, guilt .. and hey, it creates networking too. Even 5 hours a week goes a long, long way.


  3. Don’t give up no worries it will happen, just keep sending same time going school or a course for journalism sounds very promising.

  4. I find it sad that it’s very often the case for university graduates, that they come out of uni to look for work and find themselves to be “overqualified” for the little work that is out there. They study so hard, only to find themselves stacking shelves in Asda.

    In my case, I have always been honest about my epilepsy (I’m not required by law to disclose it, but if I’m caring for somebody’s sick, frail grandmother I feel that it’s only right that I should inform a prospective employer). I can’t work now anyway because my epilepsy has become too unstable and unpredictable, but in the past that seems to have been what has put many employers off.

    Sadly we are in a worldwide economical crisis, and there are not enough jobs for so many people. Have you thought about volunteering somewhere, just so that there isn’t a huge gap in your resume and so you appear more employable to someone who is going to pay you? A lot of my friends are doing that in the hopes of proving themselves to be a person worthy of a good job.

  5. Great! I have a job and am looking for almost a year now. Very frustrating. Have you read 48days to the work you love by Dan Miller? It is a great book that will motivate you and encourage you. I highly recommend it.

  6. It took me over a year to find a job, I had lots of relevant work experience, great references, a degree and a portfolio of published work and awards, and I just couldn’t find work anywhere. Jobs that were perfect for me, were going to people that seemed completely inappropriate, or to adults who had been made redundant and were going for entry level positions a person like me would usually fill. I sent in endless applications, went and spent money attending far too many interviews, and one day out of the blue a job application and interview that seemed no different from any other, offered me a job as a copywriter and press assistant. Media, communications and journalism are incredibly hard industries to get into. All I can say is keep writing your blog, get on Linked In, keep taking work experience at your local papers and ask the people you meet through the experience to be references. You have a fantastic attitude and that will one day be appreciated and valued by the right employer. It will happen for you…I never thought it would happen for me, and it took a year but it did. You will make it x x x I wish you all the luck and support in the world! x x x

  7. Amen. Depending on what part of the country you are in, it is my experience that there are various intangibles that impact one’s chances at gaining suitable employment. None is more important than who you know and their opinion of you. This is not always a good thing nor is it always fair.

    That is why I pray for God’s favor in all things great and small. I pray his favor upon you today in Jesus’ name. And it so!

  8. I’d love a new job! But found it difficult to find one! I am lucky I stil have the job I have and didn’t quit! But I’m still looking, forever looking 😦

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