There Is Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Quit Being Miserable

I have been thinking a lot about things I believe in and there are only a few certain things I do, and one of them is that when there are negative, and terrible things that happen in ones life, I always believe, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The only way to rid of being miserable, It is time to pick yourself up, and dust yourself off with any of these miserable things you think about and selling yourself short and doing things that can be debilitating to your health. I know that you can get through anything. You can be happy again, you can be someone who is full of life, you just have to get past those feelings. I know it may take a while to pick yourself up again due to some situations you went through, but never say never that happiness and being active again will never happen again. It will happen.

I see miserable people all the time when I do grocery shopping, when I am out running errands, when I am driving or when I go away on vacation. although I don’t know what is happening in their lives and what they are thinking about, and I know in life there are stresses with trying to make a living, trying to get out there in the world, and among other things that can be happening in a family, or relationships. Anything can be happening and I understand that completely. I know and have been through it all.

Always, know that your not alone and smile always and be yourself. I don’t know how some people choose to be miserable day in and day out. Although you might be hurting and things can happen, but it is our choice to move on with our lives and get over it, or we can choose to keep dwelling on the past and never moving forward in life. It is totally up to you on how you want to portray yourself, but always believe that you will get over problems and there will always be the light at the end of the tunnel. All you got to do is try and do your best to get past through them.

You can do it. So quit being miserable and smile will you? 🙂

10 thoughts on “There Is Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Quit Being Miserable

  1. In any day you can always find some interesting, great and unique… The biggest challenge for many people is have the mindset to look!

  2. Recently I learned in the Bible the concept “Sleep brought by God.” I sometimes feel like there be also “Smile brought by God.” May God bring you a lot of nice ones.

  3. Misery is defined as, among other things, ‘distress or suffering caused by need, privation, or poverty.’ It isn’t always as easy as saying ‘quit being miserable’ and look at the sunny side. And Talin, I know you’ve experienced 27 years of life, but there’s no way you have seen it all. Have you been homeless, beaten senseless, unloved by your parents, dirt-poor with nothing to eat? I’m just trying to point out that, while yes, some people do choose to find the negative side in their otherwise satisfactory lives, there are poor souls all around us who are tested countless times during each day, yet somehow they struggle through.

  4. I love this post, I wish I can follow it though. I have a son with Lupus and he is on the kidney machine and we both suffer from major depression…….imagine that? I still find this very inspiring:-)

  5. Talin, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I relate to this very much and am relentless in pursuing and instiling hope in my journey with my dad who’s living with dementia. Our journey. I am hopeful by nature I guess. It’s not that my life hasn’t been turned upside down, it has many times but over the years I’ve learned that time passes, there are solutions and life goes on.

    But. It’s important I share my agreement with Martha’s comment.

    I must appreciate that there is someone having a very different experience that I can’t even begin to fathom, nor would I want to. When we see people we don’t know what’s going on in their heads or their hearts, their homes or their families. As we move through life each of us carries our own baggage and our own histories that impact our lives, making us vulnerable and fragile. We are all susceptible and life can come crashing down when we least expect it. I’ve seen the strongest and most resourceful of people being brought to their knees in an instant. Life can do that. It’s how we deal with it and there are moments when people do, genuinely, feel despair and a smile is way beyond their reach, at that time. Sometimes there is nothing more damaging than telling someone to pull themselves together or quit being miserable (unless they’re moaning for the sake of it). For some, getting out of bed in the morning is a big achievement or going to the supermarket for the first time in years by themselves deserves an award.

    But! Please don’t ever lose your appreciation for life and your optimism. Hang on to it and don’t ever let anyone snuff it out. Ever. Use it for good. Empathy goes a long way.

    Have a happy and smiley day!

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