Needing Topics To Blog About – Suggestions Are Welcome

Hey everyone, I know as writers and bloggers it can be difficult to come up with topics to write everyday, and I think that is one of the most difficult challenges we as writers face. Today, I have hit a crossroad and my mind is not choosing to write about a topic today as I do everyday and have not missed a day since Beginning of November, 2011. Right now I am at a stand still and time to ask my fans, family, friends, readers, blog followers, about writing new topics, what you would like to see me write about that I have not already, what you think is important to write about, among raising awareness on other issues that need addressing. I would love to hear from you and your opinions and suggestions on future topics. I already have made a list of topics to write about, but I need more. Please describe the topic as well and what you would like to see in my future blogs.

Things to do with Society, Social scenes, more on prevention of bullying and bullies, relationships, and much more.

Here are the following type of topics, that I will not write about because I feel that I do not want to get into topics that I am not familiar with:

Politics, Gender profiling, and Same-Sex Relationships…
All other topics are welcomed. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing your opinions and topics. All the best!

14 thoughts on “Needing Topics To Blog About – Suggestions Are Welcome

  1. Fiona asked you a couple of days ago if you would write about your own personal history with bullying. Not just general thoughts, but how you overcame it.
    I don’t think it’s as important to write every day as it is vital to produce quality content.

  2. Fiona had asked you a couple of days ago to write about your own personal experiences with bullying – not a general discourse, but what you experienced and and how you overcame it. This might be of benefit to your readers.
    You don’t have o blog every day. Aim for quality over quantity. All the best.

  3. I would love to hear about your hobbies and interests. Do you bake, sew, like to read? How about reviewing a favourite book that some of us may not have read?

    Also, I love your truck stop stories – I’d love to read more about the happy experiences you seem to have there 🙂

  4. Some of your other posts inspired a few ideas, like
    -the white lie and whether it’s good or bad
    – the strangest hobbies you’ve ever heard of
    – the most interesting hobbies you’ve ever heard of
    – in honor of the beginning of school, maybe your experiences with high school or college (or if you didn’t go, impressions of those who went to college)
    – favorite historical time period to read about and why
    – Books you wish you’d never heard of (or perhaps why you drop books and what your standards are for dropping them)

  5. How about doing a picture diary of the places you are visiting now or have visited in the past? A sort of ‘A life in pictures’: people love that! I love travelling and that’s what I do, trying to capture the essence of a place, what makes it special, the buildings, nature around it, its people…
    Good luck! 🙂

  6. hobbies are fun to read about and the picture diary of your travels sounds like a great idea. Here’s another thought. Maybe you can write about your writing process and what writing means to you. The best times of the day that you find you are at your best to sit down and write, what inspires you to write and anything else that gets you in the mood to write verses not doing it. Or how do you feel when you haven’t written for a little bit?

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