What A Lovely Summer I am Having — Uniting With Facebook Friends Months

Lately life has been so incredible. This summer and last summer, I united with many of my facebook friends whom I met and we finally met. In the past 3 weeks I have met with 3 other people who are so sweet and lovely.  It has been so emotional for me and meeting them face to face really was something beautiful. Last night I ended up crying with happy tears because for so long when you talk online and see each others pictures, and all of a sudden your together and hearing each others voices and seeing each others reactions and everything is something so surreal and beautiful. I will never forget this summer and last summer. Such a lovely thing. The 3 times that I met my lovely facebook friends within the last 3 weeks was not planned. It just happened. Sometimes when you plan things it doesn’t follow through or it can, but sometimes its so much nicer when its spontaneous, sudden and not planned. I love those a lot. I remember one time when I went to Montreal last year. A friend of mine visited me in Toronto and said, Talin lets go to Montreal for a week. So we drove together and I surprised my friends in Montreal that I am there for a week. So everyday, I saw my friends there and we hung out and some I met for the first time because we met through facebook. It was a lovely week. I cannot put to words how excited I have become and so emotional at the same time. I will never forget these feelings and I will never forget the special moments. It was short, but very sweet and whenever I am having a rough day, I will always remember these moments and smile.

The power of the internet is something else. I know they say its a crazy battlefield with strange people on the internet and there could be, but all you have to do is be cautious and careful and everything else will come along. I am very careful with whom I meet from online and I know who is real online or fake because being on the internet for so long, I sense things quickly and I am more aware of what is going on and whom I speak with. I don’t go on any other chat sites or anything. I am on Facebook and I join groups to my interest and most people add me on facebook after chatting and getting to know one another. God bless my beautiful friends I made from it. Never under-estimate the internet. It is how you utilize it and how you carry on with it. Social networking is fabulous. I love it so much. All the best to everyone and I hope one day people will be as lucky as I meeting their internet buddies.


5 thoughts on “What A Lovely Summer I am Having — Uniting With Facebook Friends Months

  1. I just wrote a post this week about the internet and how amazing it is but also how I am not always so great at “protecting” myself when I write on my blog. I am so glad that you had such great experiences meeting “friends”. It is certainly a really great world out there with great people and you proved it with this post that you were able to extend those friendships beyond cyberspace!!! Good for you!

  2. so happy for you, like wise I too meet people through facebook and I know the feeeling, enjoy and cherish while you can.

  3. I’m glad you’re happy and having a great time. Just to add a little bit into that, I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details! Enjoy!

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