Having The Time Of My Life

A few days ago I decided to ask my friend to come over to my place and now were just having a blast together and we became so much closer than ever. I am just having the time of my life. I really enjoy this. I haven’t had a friend come over to my house in a while so this is really nice, we share stories, having nice chats about life, and everything in general, watching tv, having meals together, going on and just enjoying each others company. Turns out, that we have a lot of things more in common than we ever knew we did. She is such a lovely person and I am so glad to have met her and know her for so many years, but never got really close until the last couple of years. I can say I am blessed with great friends whom care a lot about me and I care a lot about them too. I remember the first time we met each other was when we were kids at the Armenian Center, and we have had many outings together since then, and now things are incredible and since were older now and we can relate to each other more and we have serious conversations, then we have jokes in between. It all depends on how things go, but I am so glad that she is over. Its really awesome to have sleepovers. Especially nowadays, its become great, people coming and going and keeping the communication open always.
Anyway, I must get going. Have a lovely day….

4 thoughts on “Having The Time Of My Life

  1. John says:

    Great! Good friends are priceless. I remember losing a best buddy years ago. He and I had been close since elementary school through a few years after high school. Then, he married a woman who did all she could to drive his friends away (in my opinion). I’ve never got past my disgust for this person. Glad you are finding solid friendship. These days, my wife is my best buddy! 🙂

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