What Would I Do If I Win The Lottery Someday If I Get A Ticket

Now, today I had been wondering if I ever won the lottery someday, What I would do with it. First off I would give to charities, and help renovate my local Armenian Church and give to A church in Montreal that needs money to build. I would pay for that. I would pay for Cancer research too, then I would spend the rest on More traveling and buying myself a nice house and a car, I know that sounds crazy because there is a rare chance to win the lottery, but if I ever did, that would basically cover it all. Then I would leave the rest in the bank and buy some nice things for myself, but first off helping people with this money is what is important. Material things can wait, but giving is something on top of the list. I’d give money to family and friends who need it most too.

I remember having this conversation with a few friends about this topic and I was surprised that all of us were on the same page with helping people and then keeping the rest for ourselves which is an awesome thing to do. Nowadays you would hear people saying I would buy a 5,000 dollar dress, or I would buy this expensive car, or this huge mansion, but I like to see my money go to important things before I spend it foolishly and even if I had that kind of money in the millions and millions of dollars, I still wouldn’t buy a 1000 dollar skirt or a 3000 dollar purse. I’d rather spend money on useful things and good things than that. I don’t know, but that is how I feel about it.

What would you do if you had won the lottery?

13 thoughts on “What Would I Do If I Win The Lottery Someday If I Get A Ticket

  1. xxxxxxxxxxxx says:


  2. Missus Tribble says:

    My husband buys a lottery ticket online every month – I think he won £50 once, but usually it’s £10 here and there.

    If we won the lottery big time, the first thing for us would be to either sell the house and buy a bungalow, or have mobility aids (handrails, shower seat, things like that) fitted in our current home for me. We would probably buy one of the flats/apartments across the road for friends to stay in (in fact, my husband was thinking about that before he was made redundant).

    We’d probably buy a better car, since a car is neccessary to us because of my disability, and I would give an enormous sum to my autistic son so that he never had to worry about money and could afford a really good live-in carer.

    I’m a member of several charities already and regularly give to others, but I’ve been homeless in the past and would want to do something to help those in the same situation as I have been. Possibly buy a couple of houses and use them as hostels.

  3. Sajib says:

    I agree with T.W. above. I can’t even imagine it. But if I do, I will sure get my hands on a lot of gadgets including iPad and Retina display MacBook Pro. 😉

  4. mobius faith says:

    If I’d win the lottery I’d change my name, move to a new location without telling anyone, and give it away anonymously.

  5. colourtheday says:

    Take care of my family, work less, travel more, give to charity, and get my husband a car he has always wanted. I think I got all the stuff I need, and don’t fancy too much luxury. But I probably wont win… 🙂

  6. Fiona says:

    you have to be in it to win it – so I wouldn’t win, because I don’t have enough money to throw away like that!
    But if I did win, I love to think I’d do good with it. I really would love to set up a refuge for the vulnerable, not just for a safe haven for them, but a place where we could equip then with the tools to cope with anything life threw their way, because life sure can be harsh. I’d love to also have a treatment centre for people with eating disorders – from preventative treatment right up to easing the daily agony and providing quality of life for the chronic sufferers.
    I also hope I’d be able to help people in the world become more educated and less ignorant about the ways people deal with pain and stress and fear and other emotions. Some people might get angry, some might get violent. Some people might get depressed, some get eating disorders, some get drunk or use drugs.. when you look at a lot of the people around you, you start to realise there are a heck of a lot of people hurting, and then a heck of a lot of people judging them for how they cope with that pain because they don’t understand.
    I guess I could dream away a lot more money than we could possibly win very easily 🙂

  7. lscotthoughts says:

    I would bank a large amount, give to family and church, other organizations and charities, then probably do some traveling. I can’t even imagine this happening, either, but I think giving it away would be most rewarding; helping others out who could really use the monetary boost! 🙂

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