Thank You To Those Who Bring Out The Best In Me

Today unlike everyday, I would like to acknowledge those awesome and lovely people who bring out the best in me. They have been with me through thick and thin and in the good times and in the bad. There is so much I need to be thankful for and thankful for those who always keep up when sometimes things do not go so well. My family, friends, facebook friends whom I call my online family, my lovely blog followers who always want the best for me and I thank everyone. I also wish the best for everyone else and I wish you all a great dream come true among great things in life. You all deserve so much. I feel so blessed. Today I received a phone call from another friend of mine from out of town and she and I are meeting together for the first time ever this week or the weekend. Twice within 1-2 weeks. It is incredible. These wonderful people bring out the best in me and they always support me with everything, and I too for them.

Isn’t the internet always full of surprises? It definitely makes the world smaller and it unites people together from across all continents. I can’t wait to have that opportunity to meet up close and personal with the rest of my facebook friends I have been in communications with for several years now. They all have a special place in my heart and even though we have never met face to face before, I know that they are truly genuine. I remember years ago when I had my darkest moments, they were there to cheer me up. It became one of the best days of my life when I spoke with them. Well, with that being said I am excited for my union with my facebook sister and I can hardly wait.

There are great people out there, but when you look hard enough and when you least expect it, they are right there in front of you. I had mixed emotions about humanity this past month and a half, but I no longer think like that anymore. Positive, Positive, Positive, is the way to go or else being miserable sets in and its not a good thing. I cannot wait!!!!

12 thoughts on “Thank You To Those Who Bring Out The Best In Me

  1. For all the nonsense and drama the internet holds, it is nice to remember that if used well it is the single best tool for communication on the planet. Save for face-to-face of course 😉

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