Started This New Alkaline Water Stick Body Cleanser

The other day I went to a shopping plaza and I saw this health boutique and I started this new alkaline water stick body cleanser and I decided to try it out and see how well of a job it is doing for my body. I started this yesterday and I already see the progress it is making. I feel like my body is cleansing very wonderfully and taking out all the toxins. I feel it in my urine and my urine started smelling funny because of all the impurities going out of my system. I already feel the difference. It says that it is good for metabolism, good for digestion, promotes weight loss, slows down the aging process in the skin, skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and dry skin. I have a mild case of psoriasis especially on my face and today I started feeling better with my face feeling my hydrated. I do feel hydrated from top to bottom and better. I keep using Cetaphil moisturizing cream, but I think I will stop that and just continue with my normal face-washing every morning if this keeps up the way it is.

They provided me with a free bottle with the purchase of this alkaline water stick with the minerals inside, and I am drinking it twice a day, they said maximum 3 times a day. It is good for 1000 uses and good for one year. They said if it is not doing anything for you, you can return it back with a full refund, so I am hoping they are right about the health benefits, but so far I am seeing progress in it.

I just hope that this does not compromise my overall health, but I thought I give it a try. I hope I don’t get a disease or something from it.

20 thoughts on “Started This New Alkaline Water Stick Body Cleanser

  1. Talin sweetie….there is no such thing as diet water. I promise you. Also, water can’t give you a disease. Now the air on the other hand….that’s a whole other pollutant.

    Asparagus will make your urine smell funny also. Just in case you didn’t know.

    Keeping Blogging!

  2. Be careful, Talin. I’m glad you are feeling better, but often these sorts of things are just scammy, they take your money and your trust and don’t give you anything back.
    We actually do NOT need any of those detox things out there because our bodies come with a ready detoxer of it’s own – our liver and kidneys!
    Drinking lots of water is a very good start, as it flushes out toxins and also hydrates us.
    Also eating more fresh food and avoiding processed foods will help. Avoiding breakfasts like your champion one would help you lose weight and clear your skin too. Good luck.

  3. I’d rather enjoy asparagus than waste money on some gimmick that might not even work, but each to their own.

    Just so you know, asparagus is a good – and much cheaper – detox tool. You can grow it for almost nothing and it tastes great.

      • No problem. These days it’s hard to know who or what to trust, because everybody wants your money. Asparagus is one of my favourite vegetables, and I do know that it’s used in a detox diet. Not that I know what else is in a detox diet, but I could eat that stuff for an entire month and not be bored by it! πŸ™‚

  4. The above comment by Fiona is right, in my opinion. Diet solutions like this freak me out a little, because they are a product in which the long term effects they have on your body might not be known, and they are replacing the natural detoxers in your body. You would not beleive how much better I felt just a couple days after I stopped eating salty food (such as pretty much anything that is processed) and drinking lots of water. Even my acne cleared up significantly, and my face was like the surface of the moon. Lots of water helps to flush out the toxens, and your kidneys have got your back.

    • I plan on returning that alkaline stick back to where I got it from. I have read a few things about it that I didn’t like. Time to return it this weekend. Thank you so for the info πŸ™‚

  5. You would do better focus on your overall lifestyle – eating, drinking and sleeping, and work and play. A balance is the best way to feel wonderful! Most of these detox things are gimmicks to take your hard earned cash. Just as most diets are – if they worked, they wouldn’t get rich of people’s returning to them, would they! 95% of all diets fail! And yet we keep going back, same with detoxes.

    I hate seeing people get sucked in and lose more of their health in the process, so I did a bit of googling for you.

    Check out these foods that are simple, healthy, and have the effect you are after – cleaning out your system and making you feel brighter and more energetic.

    And read this article: “Most natural liver detox diets have little science supporting them. Additionally, detox diets are very restrictive and can cause harm if they’re not used with care. Here’s what you need to know.”

    And this article: “But does that mean we should all “detox” our bodies from harmful toxins? From my perspective, the whole “detox” craze is just another money-making industry preying on the insecure and teaching faulty eating principles. “Detox” diets aim to eliminate harmful processed foods and refined sugar a few times a year by limiting us to just a certain few foods for a period of time. But our bodies are designed to function best with a healthy, well-balanced diet. I do encourage a diet with minimal processed foods and refined sugar. But we don’t need to fast to accomplish this goal. And further, shouldn’t we aim to eat well all the time? How effective can a few days of restriction really be when we are eating garbage the rest of the time?”

    It pays to do some research before putting your health on the line – health is precious, we cannot get a new body when we wear this one out. Don’t be easily sucked in by those who want your money. Good luck.

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