Nobody Is Perfect, I Make Mistakes, Everyone Makes Mistakes

A few days ago, I encountered a website that I did not like at all. Getoffmyinternets or something like that. I discovered that a few people have been writing terrible things about me and my blog. I am quite disgusted at that. I write blogs about bullying and social issues and I get shafted. I do not appreciate those people who did that to me. They said all sorts of mean things about my blog and I am not a happy camper. Yes I have a few things more to learn about writing styles and everything, but that does not give the right for these people to judge me and make assumptions about me saying I am an attention seeker. I never thought that my blog about bully prevention and social issue prevention would make people be rude and cruel. I couldn’t believe the crap I was reading about me. It made my day go crummy and when I was in Niagara falls this weekend, a part of me was thinking about those comments on that site and a part of me was with my friends having fun. I am so appalled. I thought I had restored my faith in Humanity, but in light of all this, it took me a few steps back.

What the heck is happening with this new generation? Disrespectful people everywhere, a lot of rude, pretentious, selfish, self-centered people whom do not respect people or peoples property.

I want what is best for everyone, I want to see a world full of love and full of good things and then I get shafted. I find that to be so unfair to me. I am doing my best to get better in my writing and I do feel like I getting better and better at it. I am not a perfect person, I make mistakes, but I always try to not make the same mistake twice and yet these people are so jealous that they want to ruin me. The sole purpose of my blogs is to spread positive, happy, optimistic, and great energy to people, I want people to feel good about themselves, I want people to be themselves and to not let peoples talents go to waste, and be the best you can be. I always try to motivate people and to get on the right track to happiness, and yet people go around and say terrible things about me on some ridiculous site who have no respect for people and people’s opinions and peoples thoughts.

I am not a happy camper at all. People need to really think about what they write and what they do before they do it. think before you act. I know that everyone makes mistakes and people aren’t perfect, and I realize that, but I just got so discouraged reading that cruel website. A lot of peoples blogs are on that website as well and a lot of peoples hard work and blogs are advertised on that site as terrible. People shouldn’t hate, people have no idea what these people go through in their personal lives, blogging is a way for people to escape and to write about their personal feelings, experiences and a lot more. people shouldn’t be penalized for it. It sickens me to see these sites being in existence. People think they know, but they have no idea what a person is feeling day to day. It needs to stop. Let people blog the way they want to blog and let people write their feelings without being jumped on. It is not nice.

I just had to get this out of my system today. It has been bothering me. Thank you for reading.


25 thoughts on “Nobody Is Perfect, I Make Mistakes, Everyone Makes Mistakes

  1. Oh boy. How did you ever find this website?
    Talin, not everyone is nice. You have to ignore it. It’s going to happen. You are a “presence” in social media (because you wanted to be!). And the more people who are aware of you, the greater the chance that someone may not like what you say. According to this page, you have over 13,000 followers on this blog – if 13 people said unkind things about you, that amounts to ONE-TENTH OF ONE PERCENT.
    Let it go. Do NOT visit that website again. It’s not worth your time.

    • Well said Martha! I so agree. Do not let the few ruin you Talin. We will NEVER please everyone, so rejoice and be glad in you. Celebrate the woman you’ve become and where you are headed! You are headed for greatness! Those who mock and scour at you, well they just need a hobby. So let them have their fun because you are stealing the show!

  2. A few years ago, I had a group of idiots on a particular website that just ripped blogs up one side and down the other including mine. It was bothersome, but you can’t let them get to you. They are weak minded people who need to cut others down to make themselves feel big and powerful. Something elementary school children do. Little kids get jealous, don’t bother yourself with these children, you are very good at getting your thoughts and ideas out. Keep up the good work!

    • Here, here! I totally agree that the best revenge is living well! I know it hurts but try not to let them get to you. It’s so funny. I actually just wrote a post about bullying the other day. I was bullied relentlessly growing up and I know it’s hard to just brush it off but what Naomi said is so true. Ignoring their words and becoming successful is the best revenge.

  3. First of all those people are plain IDIOTS not jealous, they are the one seeking for attention, don’t you see?? any one paying attention to those are in the same category, as they say Birds of feather , stick together, they are creating this website to get attention, first of all do they write Blogs? where are they? who judges them? Listen do not pay attention to people like that, blogging is a way out of your daily pressures. I do enjoy reading your blogs very much, I am not a blogger but do enjoy reading bloggers and way of thinking. I like your way cause it has a personal touch and it is not attention seeker, if it is, it would be for the benefit of getting attention for a certain cause…. in time you will write a book and should be more personalized anyway and makes it much more interesting rather then reading like a newspaper…. FOR THOSE WHO CREATED THAT STUPID WEBSITE…. GET A LIFE…. keep on blogging Talin, I know your heart is pure….

  4. Accentuate the positive and do not waste time on the nay sayers, Talin.You are giving them too much credit and thought. Instead think about all the folks that appreciate you and your blog.

  5. There was something that I couldn’t get out of my head yesterday, and I think it is quite apt for your situation here. “Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter”

    People like these have nothing better to do than to turn their hands to cyber-bullying. As O.W. Prince says, they have to read your blog to criticise it, and more people like it than don’t. 1,078 followers on facebook can’t be wrong.

  6. Here’s my take on this situation Talin: A writer will always have stalkers, because writers stand out in social media and are easy targets. You can’t let it bother you, and the best way to beat them is to carry on writing.

    I know there’s some bad stuff about me out there somewhere. I simply choose not to care. You shouldn’t care either, because the attention means you are making an impact 🙂

  7. Don’t let these idiots get you down Talin, they are just not worth it. In a way they may be doing you a favour. Think of it this way, someone reads their posts about you so they come along to your site and discover that you are nothing like what was said about you and it was all lies. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx.

  8. Keep doing what you are doing. Your website is encouraging and heartfelt. The only thing you can control is how you react to what others have said. If they are not civil with their disagreements and tell you directly, then my advice is to ignore them. You and your words matter to many, so keep up the good work.

  9. Your presence is felt from afar. Not everyone is attracting the same type of energy. Focus on those that are and send love and positive vibes to those that aren’t. Keep doing what you love and allows you to feel good.

  10. My feelings are: a blog is an extension and an expression of our passions, like the clothes you wear, what you eat, the friends you choose……. why is what others think so important? Be strong in yourself.

  11. You just have to stay positive. The blogging community Is generally overwhelmingly positive to each other. Turn the negative stuff into white noise and keep doing what you like to do. That website have no original thoughts of their own so they have to tear down others In order to make themselves feel okay. consider the source and keep on keepin on.

  12. Let it roll off of you. I’m sure their opinion, in the long run, doesn’t matter much in your world. There are always going to be people in the world, unfortunately, who choose to spend their free time looking for ways to be miserable and pass it along.

  13. As a fellow blogger, I like to read what other people think about our world. So, don’t let them keep you down! That’s the risk you take when you send your writing out in the world. You open yourself up to criticism, by nasty people who don’t think beyond their own selfish, twisted satisfaction of ripping into someone else’s work. They are small people. Not worth worrying about, because there are also great rewards to writing a blog. One of them being when you find others who enjoy reading about your thoughts (like me!).

  14. Well, at least people are reading your blog – it’s a step in the right direction. I seem to have the opposite problem – I can’t seem to get anyone to read what I write so I have absolutely no feedback. Sometimes a gentle critique is needed, but I certainly don’t feel that being ugly helps people improve. Keep writing – the more you write the better it gets. Promise.

  15. With the birth of the internet being available to the masses the idea of trolling has exploded. The fact that anyone can say anything to anybody with complete anonymity is the principle reason we have people like that.

    I’m going to tell the same thing I’m sure everyone else has said on this entry. You really can’t let people like that get to you. For all the wonders the internet has given us, it has provided an outlet for everyone that just wants to hate for the sack of hating to voice their so-called “thoughts.”

    While browsing through that particular blog it actually hit me. Because of them writing about you and leading you to vent your frustration about it.. they managed to get at least one more view (from me of course)… that’s exactly what websites like that aspire to do.

    It’s like watching online videos where people like Doug Walker review nostaligic movies just to completely make fun and tear them, people like watching and reading things like that for some reason.

    So they rip on other people in an attempt to be talked about, therefore getting more and more people to look at their product, the most effective tool we can all use against people like that is to completely not give them a thought. When people stop looking and paying attention, they eventually go away (albeit this sounds a bit cliched)

    Don’t get discouraged 🙂

  16. Please don’t let this person get to you. I almost let someone get to me when they posted a nasty comment on the Web site of the newspaper where I work. And the worst part is, I’m positive it was a relative of mine because there were clues in the post that only that person would know. What if what they said got me fired?? My husband and I struggle financially, we’re doing OK at the moment, but I cannot afford to lose my job. Sometimes I think people are jealous and they do all kinds of mean things because that’s all they know how to do well. I love reading your words of inspiration and I identify with much of what you say. Keep it up – and never let anyone stand in your way.

  17. Wow I can’t believe people actually waste time doing that. People put so much energy into negativity. If only they refocused that same energy to something positive like uplifting other people. People will always find something wrong with what you’re doing; especially when you’re doing something good or right. Try not to let it bother you.

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