Those Who Gossip To You, Will Probably Be Doing The Same About You Too! Be Careful

There have been numerous amounts of times where people would gossip to you about someone or some people and in a terrible way and they like to spread rumours and make up things that are not true about that person and make assumptions. Have you been in a situation where someone would gossip everything about other people? I am sure most of us have. Have you heard that behind your back that person who gossiped to you, did the same about you too to others? It is terrible. I wish some people would stop doing that about other people. It is not nice to gossip and talk poorly about someone behind their backs. If you do not hear it from the source, its not a good idea to create and make up stories when it is not even true. Some people spend so much time making a federal case about other people, that they don’t care if it hurts them. Trash talking about that person behind their back and then being sweet, and nice with them in their face is not a very nice thing to do.

Backstabbers and Fake people who give face to you and who are nice to you and then all of a sudden you hear that, the person whom you thought you can trust has spread terrible lies about you and does everything in their power to destroy your good name. I find that to be such a terrible thing to go through. I have had that happen to me numerous amount of times. What goes around comes around. When a rumour, or some sort of stupidity gets spread around, it will always come back to the person who these terrible things have been said about. A lot of people do not know how terrible this is and it is not fair to that person. This plays a factor in jealousy and jealousy can do so many things. Gossiping is a terrible thing to do no matter what. Sometimes people need to mind their own business and look in the mirror before they judge other people or talk about them. In Today’s world trusting people, confiding in people, telling someone something very personal is something that not a lot of people can do anymore, because when you request and ask someone to keep it a secret and they don’t and spread it around, it is not a good thing.

Some people spread and talk for the sake of talking about anything about others just to satisfy their jealousy urges. This situation can make you or break you. As soon as you make new friends, don’t assume that they are trustworthy, test out your friends, don’t talk about personal issues, don’t talk too too much about your life, but talk in general terms, and once you start to get to know them and you build your trust, then just maybe you can tell them, but then again you cannot be to careful with the information you transmit to them. Keep very personal things within the family, and do not transmit every bit of information to your friends. Someone who is true to you will always keep your secrets, someone who is true to you will never gossip, spread lies and do terrible things because when your a true friend to someone its expected that you are honest and forthright about situations and when things happen you tell your friends on the spot. Don’t be afraid if you disagree on a few things, it helps build your friendship stronger and you work it out.

the bottom line is to never gossip, spread rumours and make up stories about others. Its not nice at all. I am sure that if the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t be a nice feeling. Nowadays, I am not too trusting and I don’t give in easily. I always think with my mind and then with my heart. This day in age the Heart can be fooled easily on the people to hang out with and its a soft spot where people become blinded, naive and soft, but nowadays you have to stand tough, you have to say no once in a while, you have to think twice and three times before jumping into friendships and relationships. It is important to keep those things in mind. Not everyone you meet will be your friend, chances are some friends can say the most terrible things about you behind your back…. WELL, So called friends, fake friends. you do not need them in your life.

Move forward and find people who actually care about you and who actually want the best for you.Not those who spread rumours and gossip. Stay far away from them as possible. I am saying all this from experience of others doing that to me, and it is not pleasant. I am just watching out for all of you because I care so much about all of you. All the best to you.


19 thoughts on “Those Who Gossip To You, Will Probably Be Doing The Same About You Too! Be Careful

  1. That’s like this one friend I have. she is constantly talking about everyone and as she’s talking I’m thinking to myself: I wonder what she tells people about me. people like that need to grow up. they are so bored with their lives they need to talk about other people.


  3. You have a clever way with your words that I admire. And you write about truths. I have never cared for gossipy people for all of the reasons you so clearly mentioned. Thank you!

  4. Truer words not spoken!

    I know the ones who go on and on about others and not in a good way at times I try to FEED their FODDER lol

  5. This garbage is the norm at my wife’s place of employment and it’s disgusting. It’s counterproductive, and unprofessional. But people will be stupid, and act like little children on the playground. Good points, well done.

  6. So true. One of the most common places for this is the workplace. Best thing to do is to not give anyone the opportunity to create thoughts about you in way that is debilitating to your reputation and work relationships. Great article.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Talin. I have had this happen to me one time before, that it almost destroyed a friendship with a friend of mine who I consider a brother. I forgot in detail what was said, but another one of my friends who I thought was my best friend, told me that the one I consider as a brother was saying stuff about me, and he sounded so convincing : the so called best friend. Well, it was a whole mess, but my best friend who I consider a brother and me worked it out, and now we have a stronger friendship than before. However, people who do gossip about others does have that trait of jealousy in them, and envy can cause others to do harmful things to others.

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  9. True. The very reason why I would keep to the minimum at interacting with these people. My job includes working with everyone in the company. It’s not by choice to work with them. The people I work with say I’m quiet while all I just want is to avoid unnecessary problems.

  10. Exactly!!! I work in the most socially toxic office!! There are so many who gossip and for the longest time they wouldn’t include me (but gossiped about me a lot – bringing me to tears, some days). Now some of them do, but I’ve never “returned the favour” and gossiped along with them. I hate gossip. I hate the charade people do – especially in the office. I’m not there for popularity, I’m there to do my job.

  11. I’ve Always Been A Straight Up Type Of Person. Whatever I Have To Say To A Person I Will Tell Them To Their Face. And If I Don’t Like Them I Won’t Be Bothered With Them. I Hate Liars And I Hate Jealous People. And I Have Never Cared About What Anybody Said Or Thought About Me. And I Indeed Have Been The Victim Of Vicious Jealousy And Gossip Not Only By Outsiders But By So-Called Family Members.

    Have You Noticed That People Who Are Always Gossiping Can’t Handle It When The Gossip Is Spread About Them. And They Definitely Can’t Deal With The Truth. They Are Insecure Cowards And Their Jealousy Is A Sickness. If You Are Not That Type Of Person, And Your Mind Is On A Higher Level And Not Into That Garbage Talk, That Nonsense Will Not Affect You. And That Eats Them Up Even More Because Their Intent Is To Bring You Down. A Lot Of Them Do It To Intentionally Hurt Others. They Want Those In Particular To Be In The Same Miserable Predicament That They’re In.

    Talin, You Are A Very Good Person And Your Post Is On The Money. You Can’t Trust Too Many People. Genuinely Honest Upfront People Are Hard To Come By. Instead Of Being Hurt By Them You Should Pity Them, Thanking Your Lucky Stars That You Are Not One Of Them. They Don’t Have Any Power Unless You Give It To Them.

  12. This is so true.. I have a few people in my life that do all this. Talk to me about everyone.. even personal stuff. If they are doing it to me.. I know and have heard they talk about me behind my back. time to delete some of my friends out of my life. Gossip is all they have time to do !

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