Kindness Gestures Are Still Out There. It Happened to Me Tonight

Earlier this evening, I decided I do some grocery shopping before the store closes an hour later, so I parked my car and was walking toward the carts in front of the store, and I forgot to grab a quarter with me because the only way to get a cart is by paying a quarter on it, so I always keep a few of them in my car, but this time I forgot to bring it with me, so I went into my wallet and I didn’t have any, so I kept struggling, as I was about to head back to my car to get it, This lady saw me struggling to look for it, so she said here is a quarter for you, I said I can go to my car and get one, but she said no, don’t worry about it, take this. I felt extremely embarrassed that I didn’t have an extra quarter in my wallet, but the lady re-assured me that its alright have this one. I couldn’t stop thanking her for doing that for me. That simple kind gesture meant the world to me, and it made my day. There are still really nice, kind, and very lovely people out there. It is rare these days.

It was like God watched over me and brought me that person to my rescue at the time of need. It was incredible. This had never happened to me before. I usually never forget to bring a quarter with me, but tonight it was a different thing going on in my mind. I probably had something on my mind and I forgot to take it out with me. I just couldn’t believe it. What a beautiful evening I had. I mean I will never forget that and I will never forget her face. This was by far one of the most kindest things a stranger I don’t even know do this for me. Not everyone would do this and not everyone would just give like that, but wow this lady was something else and then when we went into the grocery store we were talking and I said thank you again so much, She said do not worry about it. She said to me you seem like a great person and I know by just looking at a person and when I saw you struggle like that, I just had to.

These little things make it a big deal for someone, and it sure made a big deal for me and a huge difference. I can now look at humanity in a different way. So now whenever I go to my local grocery store, I am never going to forget that moment and that spot. God bless that lady and I wish her the best with her life. She truly deserves all the blessings and all the great things in life. Very hard to find like a rare gem, and she was one of them. Beautiful Lady. The moral of this story is to try and be kind as much as possible in your life and do kind gestures. It makes a big difference in ones life. It did to me today. Thank you lady, you will never be forgotten and hopefully I see you again.



11 thoughts on “Kindness Gestures Are Still Out There. It Happened to Me Tonight

  1. What goes around comes around, when you do good to people you will be rewarded in someway or someday when you least expect, so Talin hope you will remember this and try to do the same to someone in need ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think kindness from strangers is always surprising, at least today, but none the less a wonderful thing when it happens. Thank goodness there are really nice people out there and one found you when it was needed.

  3. I am nominating you for an inspirational blogger award.
    I was nominated and feel you deserve it!!

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  4. The main stream media and other sources constantly focus on the negative things in this world. There are so many good things happening all around us. So many good people!

  5. I love it when people do that kind of gesture… it invites you to do the same to someone else, and imagine the ripple effect! Bravo to that lady for showing her lovely self. By doing it more often, more people will feel that energy and change unconsciously….

  6. Little acts of kindness and consideration are so overlooked. T–if you switch your perspective into observation mode and allow God to guide your every move…you will notice more of these precious moments which to most mean nothing. What a difference a kind word makes, a random hug, or just someone who is willing to take 5 minutes to assist. That is what life is all about!! Let that restore your faith in humanity my darling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful post!

  7. It is so important to practice kindness. lovely post. I did some kindness to a repeat customer on ebay the other day. She bought one of my dolls for her daughter, so I tossed in two of my felted bracelets with instructions for her daughter to make her own.

  8. Parev Talin, yergou amisye kou bloggeret ge gartamgor. Gan lavere yev gan keshere, paytz yes asmege shad Havna. Paytz Talin, portse aveli hayagan masinerov espagis. Asank barab angliasineroun hed khelk me tener. Toun hay es koungin yerakounovet espaghir. Haygagan genocidine masin khosir, Gam hay keirkou dari eh , hay kerkerou masin khosir. Mod Oren Noren ge khoskink. Tsdesoutoon , Talin Orfali.

  9. It is amazing the difference a simple kindness can make in someone’s life. Once I was at work and a woman had just bought a bouquet of roses, I complimented her on them because they were beautiful flowers, and she offered me one! I was certainly not expecting that, and had been having an absolutely terrible day up until that point, but I will never forget how that simple act brought a smile to my face and changed my perspective!

  10. A beautiful encounter indeed Talin. It is rare to find a person who will peform a kind gesture such as the sweet gesture this woman did for you. I just wish there were more acts of kindness happening every day, in turn maybe all the violence, crimes, abuse, etc. would finally stop. God blesses us with angels who may be complete strangers to us, but no matter, they are still angels. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. That’s wonderful… I don’t know I think that I always try and remember “karma” and “pay it forward” and then of course my mothers phrase “Do unto others” whispers in my ear as it did when I was a child. Its sad that a simple act makes you feel like falling over with the thankfulness of a small gesture, we should all want to help each other in small random ways to make life a lovely thing, but unfortunately it is not the world we live in. So just “Do unto others” and next time have a spare quarter just in case ๐Ÿ˜‰ there maybe someone else in the parking lot that needs the lift you did.

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