Thankful For Each Day, That Comes My Way

Everyday that passes, I am thankful for having gone through another day. Everyday I learn new things whether its from the internet or something about life outside. It is not so much about going through everyday to learn new things, it is the lesson that it teaches you. Each thing in life has a deeper meaning to it and it is up to our individual selves on how we want to define it. life is just too short to be upset, angry and fuss over things. Life is precious and we have only a limited time on earth, so try to make the most of it, be happy, do happy things, live life. Nowadays, I don’t let other peoples negativity ruin me, and I have learned my lesson on that. I am not going to be a statistic to let people be rude to me and make distasteful comments. I too make mistakes, I am not perfect, I have my weaknesses, and I fully admit that. I know that my writing needs a little bit of improvement structurally, but I am working on that and I am going back to school to learn it. I had over 90 in my English courses back in High school and it has been a long time since then and I sort of forgot some things, but I am human, I make mistakes.

I love blogging, and it gets me through everyday, I love writing because it takes out everything from my mind and emptying my heart out to people and all I want is the best for everyone. Its a way for me to share with the world and to get people’s perspectives and I respect them all and I do read them all and thank you all deeply for everything you all do. I am so blessed with great things, the ability to write and the ability to get out there and speak up about issues that need addressing. I am happy most of the time, because when I was bullied when I was a child up until now here and there, I truly believe that I have gotten out of that phase where I was always sad and did not want to do anything or go out, but now, everything has changed, everything that I preach, I am taking my own advice, because everyone, lets face it, Life is too short to be depressed all the time, life is meant to be lived being happy, optimistic, thinking about good things, to be positive and take things out of our lives that are unnecessary and work on what is important. I cannot be thankful enough for each passing day. Valuable life lessons learned and doing things that will help me and my life is something that is very important.

Learning how to prioritize life and making room for important people and things in your life is crucial and imperative. Without people this world will not turn, it’s like for example, if this world did not have trees and important greenery, this world would be left without oxygen and without oxygen, we cannot function and it is important in our lives, so oxygen is happiness, positivity and being optimistic. Use those Oxygen’s to better your life and to stop depression and stress at its tracks. It is all up to you, but before your oxygen runs out, have a happy life and stop being negative. It is not good for you at all. Live, Laugh, Love, Dance, and be who you are. All the best.

11 thoughts on “Thankful For Each Day, That Comes My Way

  1. Talin, many people could learn from your outlook. You view life with hope and promise, and there’s nothing wrong with that. While life isn’t full of sunshine and flowers, I agree with you that finding the time to be grateful for the gifts we’ve been given is the right attitude. Good post!

  2. Thankyou for this.. it made my heart smile. I am going thru what has been the most difficult experience of my life. My fiance passed away a month ago while flying up in washington when there helicopter hit power lined and crashed. I am devastated but still i get up and start my day each day. In the midst of this trauma, i have foubd joy in the smallest and simplest things, like the rare mornings i wake up peaceful, and being able to eat full meals again (i lost 8 lbs the week of the accident). The important people have been here for me, some have not even been close friends b4 this.. others have been strangers until now. His loss has brought so much love from so many others, including his family whom ive been staying with this whole month. Even in horrible loss, i am learning there can still exist great and pure joy.

    You are right.. life is short, he was only 28 but he lived his passion and dream of being a pilot, and has inspired me to move forward with my dream to be a fine artist, travel any chance i get, and to never compromise myself, my dreams, or my joy ever again. Thsnkyou for your beautiful words, they cheered me up on a rough morning. ❀

  3. Great post. So far, year 2012 has not been a great year for me. Problems, worries, and stress. I forgot to be grateful with things that had been given to me. I am going to use the oxygen to better my life. Thank you Talin.

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