Spending Some Alone Time With Yourself, Is Very Good For You.

Hello everyone, today I want to write about my point of views on spending alone time with yourself, and I believe it is very good for you. I spend a lot of alone time whether its in the car driving, or just walking around, going to the mall, and just relaxing and thinking about life and everyone in it. I believe that when I spend alone time with myself, I discover new things about myself, I create new recipes from the top of my head to cook dinner for my family, I think about life decisions, and how things progress in life. I remember when I went out and got some food to eat, and I was just alone and reflecting on my life and where I have got to so far. Yes its great to surround yourself with people all the time, but someday you need to just unwind, clear your mind and relax without interruption and without people around you. I do it a lot.

besides all of that, I do a lot of thinking for the future, and I make plans. I know sometimes when you make plans, it doesn’t go through, but I like making plans in case things go right and when things get on track with life, it is awesome. I love making plans because that prepares me and keeps me organized. I did so much to my room and decor and organizing and making sure things are neat, tidy and where I can find things easily. I spend a lot of time in my room thinking of ways to always improve my living space with how I want my belongings to be, what I want as decor and among other things and places around the house. before bed, I think about so many things and most of it are happy things, and serious things too. I know that life is too short and that we cannot take everything so seriously, but sometimes we have to take measures into our hands and think about serious things. Life can make you or break you and it is a very tricky world we live in, so we have to always have back up plans in life, in case something doesn’t pan out, there is something else to fall into. The more you wait for your future, the shorter it will be. So when you are young, you have to think of all these scenarios.

You work hard when you’re young, so that in future it will be easy. It is all up to a person’s individuality and what we can become of it. We can shoot for the stars, the sky is the limit. I cannot stress how important alone time really is. When you are around so many people all the time and just keep on going out, there is no time for you, there is no time for your life and what you decide and think about. I know a lot of thinking is not good for you either, but always remember, that alone time you spend with yourself, the better you will be and you will discover your personality traits, you will discover how you portray yourself among other important traits that are so critically important. always know that you create your own destiny and you create your own masterpiece of life. You can do it. Remember Rome was not built in a day, to this day the world is changing, people are changing, new people are born everyday, and everyday people die, but it is the cycle of the world and we must discover ourselves. It is very important. So think about it and do something positive for you everyday, and remember to always be happy. Optimism and good thinking habits, will conquer the rest. Take my advice and you will see the difference. All the best to you.

22 thoughts on “Spending Some Alone Time With Yourself, Is Very Good For You.

  1. “always know that you create your own destiny and you create your own masterpiece of life.” Talin, meaning no offense, but this is the thought of someone very young.

  2. I used to want to spend time around people all the time. Things happened along the way that I was ‘forced’ to spend time all by myself and in the long run I am happy that I get to do that. 🙂

  3. I think that it is important to spend some time each day truly by oneself, without the distractions, worrying, or planning that so often clutters are minds and keeps us from enjoying or even seeing the present moment. Take a few moments each day to center on the breath and find your balance within and you will find more balance in the moments that are filled.

  4. Most of the best things in life you decide when you are by yourself deep in thoughts or meditation. I always have a lone time everyday and plan things to do or to unwind. specially when you want to write a book LOOL

  5. Great advice, Talin. Never do I have a problem being alone. Ten months ago I lost my beloved husband, and this ability now serves me well.
    Blessings – Maxi

  6. I’m going to relate a story about the importance of alone time:
    Last year, during the spring, I became engaged to a not-so-wonderful man. I knew I had made a mistake moments after he slid the ring onto my finger. Thankfully, I left on a trip only hours later. This was a Friday.

    By the time I returned to my fiance on Sunday night, I had spent over 16 hours alone on the road.

    Because of all of the time I’d had to myself, staring at highway, I was able to really look at myself and my relationship.

    I was single by noon on Wednesday.

    Had I not had that time to look into myself, who knws how long I would have stayed with him, trying to figure things out amongst the hustle-bustle of everyday life!

  7. i totally agree… one of my favorite time of the day is during my long walk from the office back home… it gives me time to medidate about my day and things that i need to do…

  8. Being alone with my thoughts is a means of meditation. Whether I am reading, walking or in the car alone as you say, it is quite enjoyable and much needed in our fast paced world. More power to you.

  9. I call being alone, quiet time. Everyone needs this quiet time to gather your thought’s and allows you to be in balance with your surroundings. If you are surrounded by chaos, the quiet time is ideal. Does that make me a loner? perhaps, but I always treasure the peace and quiet of being introspective! Thanks for this post!

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