My First Book Title Will Be, “The Blogger In Me, Expressing My Life”.

Yesterday as I was sitting down and thinking about a book title, I came up with one called “The Blogger In Me, Expressing My Life”. It just hit me. Then I started to write an outline of what my book will talk about. I am not going to make it a novel story, I am going to write an ordinary book with all sorts of sections and One part will be about my blogging experiences which is the introduction and I will be writing my biography as well. then I will get to writing about different things to express my life and compiling my blog entries into my book. I do not want to give away everything that will be in the book. There are some surprises inside too. I wouldn’t want to give away everything that the book will have or else what is the point of me getting it published right? I am so excited about this book. In 2008 I wanted to write a book called the Human Struggle, but it took quite a long time to figure out the plot and everything, but now I am more prepared, and more aware about what is expected in a book and I have a lot more content to share and to give out to the public. Now I am going to focus on writing my book which is the very important part. I will keep on blogging everyday and going on my social network profiles, but writing my book and hopefully getting it published by 2013, will make me so happy. It will be hard work and a lot of running around to get this book happening, but I am up for the challenge and I am up for everything that life throws at me. I appreciate all the support and all the words of encouragement from everyone. Lets do this! I can do this! I can’t wait to sell my books and I can’t wait to hear reader feedback. I am excited to sign my books and be at a bookstore to sign autographs and take pictures with my fans! Everything is possible. πŸ™‚ I am so happy!

24 thoughts on “My First Book Title Will Be, “The Blogger In Me, Expressing My Life”.

  1. I do so enjoy your blog, You write from the heart, And it’s more meaningful to those that read your words, keep writing, and I’ll keep reading…

  2. You are absolutely right. Anythng is possible. I admire someone who has a dream and then follows it. I’ll be cheering for you!

  3. Hey That’s what I’ve been telling you all along, Just don’t forget to give me the first copy signe LOOOL I know you can do it, you have the talent to write and write within few minutes, your imagination and knowledge is vast now and just organize and take your time, your first impression is very important to attract your readers…. I know this will fulfill your heart and you will get your point across….DON’T STOP NOW …

  4. You’re right to set goals – it’s only when you have a goal, a vision, or a dream, that you are able to pursue it and stand a chance of attaining it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Good luck.

  5. Yay! you’ll be writing a new book! Best luck to you on that! You sure can do it. I’d love to write one too. But I’ve decided I can’t make it at the moment. That’d be too much work for me. But best luck on yours!

  6. Good luck with writing the book! It sounds like an amazing concept. I look forward to following your progress and eventually reading your masterpiece!

  7. Having a deadline helps a lot, so does having smaller, easier to reach goals and rewarding yourself along the way. Good luck with your book writing and I look forward to reading it once it’s out there! Have you considered how you’re going to publish? self, or through traditional routes?

    -Mr. B

  8. I wish you good luck my fellow blogger. Wish me luck too in making my first book entitled “Surviving High School”

  9. It is very exciting to start something big that you are passionate about! Congratulations! I can’t wait to here how things move along until your book is sitting on shelves everywhere!
    One day hope to compile my shor,t real life stories from blog entries to a book too! first I need to get some readers! hehe

  10. Maybe you should learn how to write properly before you begin even thinking about a book. Your grammar is horrible and your sentence structures are completely off! I have a hard time reading your blogs because it gives me such a headache. You should also think about a different topic…i don’t think writing about you is a) very professional and b) interesting.

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