It Is Official. I Am Going To Write A Book!

Hi Everyone! Today I am announcing that I am going to be writing my first official book! I am still undecided about the title, but I know exactly what My book will entail. It will cover everything from how Social Networking, How the Internet is so powerful to transmitting information in seconds, to how blogging changed the face of journal writing and amongst communication of personal stories and reflections in the world and most importantly targeting on important issues such as bullying, social acceptance and other important issues pertaining to society. I am going to brain storm ideas on what to put for my title. That is a hard thing to decide, but I am sure it will come naturally to mind. I have a lot of thinking to do, but it is all for great reasons. I will then get it to a publisher, then have them look over it, and then when it gets published, I will then spread it out to Amazon and other book sites. I am very serious in writing this book. I will be doing extensive research within the next 2 weeks and I will get as much ideas as possible, then I am on my way to writing and publishing my book.

I will also be targeting on etiquette and all sorts of things. It won’t necessarily be a novel book, but a chapter book with different sections and different subjects. It will also include photos of me and my life growing up until the present.

Then hopefully I will have autograph book signings at bookstores and libraries across North America and the world. This book is very important to me. I do not just want to keep blogging, I want to take my blogging further and get published. I am not a person to write fiction. I like writing about personal and true stories that has happened to me, and that I have witnessed. Fiction is okay too, but it doesn’t give it that personal feeling as opposed to writing a true story. I am so excited! Hopefully if all goes well, I will have my first book written by 2013! πŸ™‚ — I am so happy! Today I decided! It is going to happen!

34 thoughts on “It Is Official. I Am Going To Write A Book!

  1. You are amazing! I am much inspired by your power to execute your plan. You let me open my eyes. I should make more action to express myself, too. You are always my leader.

  2. I have a few friends who are published authors (some quite well known) and they’ve each offered me advice and information on how to go about it. For me it’s very important to get the message across that autism and epilepsy are neither curses nor afflictions – and that being on the spectrum can actually be fun (I see nothing wrong with likening myself to being an X-Man or Spock’s granddaughter or being quirky in general!) – and so I plan to collect some of my blog posts together into a book. One of my friends did this via and I’m considering going down this route.

    If you’d like to know more about the writers themselves and how they did it, I think it should be pretty easy for me to put you in touch with them. One of them – Diane Duane – is almost certainly searchable on Google.She writes fantasy fiction and I believe that her first few books were self-published before she was noticed by an agent.

    Good luck and I hope this information helps! πŸ˜€

  3. You go girl. I want to do this too. I don’t think a collection of my most popular blog posts have to be very long. Maybe 50 pages? But there’ll be a satisfaction in doing it! And a sense of completion. And, yes, perhaps, income generated along the way.

  4. Hope it goes well for you! I just brought out my book, The Senior Center Shakedown, which is fiction. I found out there’s a lot more to it that just writing the book–it took me well over a year to get it out there. But I have six book signings scheduled, and all is well! Best of luck, we can sure use a book like yours!

  5. The very best of luck to you. It won’t be easy but I think you’re up to it.
    One thing to bear in mind: Only show your work to trusted friends who won’t just try to flatter you. An honest opinion is valuable … but hey … you don’t necessarily have to take too much notice.
    If you are planning to find a publisher (as opposed to self publishing) then I suggest you get a literary agent. They will give you their honest opinion. And keep this blogging up because it is proof that you can gain a target audience and this will help greatly.
    I’m not so sure about the title. I don’t think it’s quite snappy enough.
    Also … forget the deadline. They tend to find themselves.
    The late great Douglas Adams said … ” I love deadlines. I love the sound they make as they go whizzing by … “

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