I am So Happy! Things Have Turned Around For The Better.

Lately, things have become so much better in my life. I am looking for good schools to do my journalism course, I feel great inside and on the outside. I have been doing mini getaways with friends and family and more to come, so much has turned around for the better. I couldn’t be more happy than I am these days. I am ultimately happy that I have come this far. I have been so patient and patience is a virtue as they say. I believe in hard work and determination. I am determined to work harder and harder to achieve and to fulfill my dreams. If I want to get on those talk shows, if I want to write for magazines, if I want to get out there, I have to work hard at it to be where I want to be. I believe that hard work does pay off in the end. I feel like I am almost there, but I need more time and I need to keep doing what I am doing. I will not give up. Giving up is not an option. Not now, not ever. Not since I have come this far into everything. I am so blessed with everything in my life and I am so happy that my hard work is getting there.

I am doing everything in my power to get to Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, Marilyn Denis, and more. I need to get on those shows and I will not stop until I do. I need to get my message out loud and clear about bullying and about so many different subjects and issues and about that lady on the bus getting bullied by children which is unacceptable and ridiculous. I have to put my foot down. Topics that need to be addressed. I will be even more happy when my words and my stories get out to the public. My friend made a fanpage of “A Writer Named Talin Orfali” on facebook, someone else made a page called Get Talin Orfali on the Ellen DeGeneres Show… I need to get there. It would mean a lot to me if some way, some how, these big international figures of our society can get to my blog, which Oprah’s Newsletter team has already come across my blog. I am super determined to get somewhere. Things have turned out for the better, but it will be even more if I can get on these shows.

With the help of general public, with the help of getting the word out, with word of mouth, with advertising me, and getting my words out there, I know in my heart, mind and soul that I can pull the plug on bullying as much as I can, I want to do this for the world, I want to do this for the humanity of people, I want to do this for everyone. I love humanity, I love people, and I care deeply for everyone. Whatever I need to do to pull the plug, whatever and however my words get out there would mean the world to me, but I want to make the world proud, I want to see a happy world with so many great things. I believe with one step at a time I can get to my goal, and I can achieve it.

I can do this and I will do this! I will get to California to be On Ellen, I will get to New York City. I will get to travel the world and share with people with what I have to say, with what I have to put out for the world to see. I care about this world so much. I am so happy that I have made a difference in many of my readers lives, but I feel that is not enough. I need to get on Television, I need to get on the air, I need to voice myself. Writing is writing, but it is also a must to speak to everyone from my face and my own mouth. I am putting my foot down!

I am going to do this and I will work my butt off! No ifs and’s or buts! This has to be done and I will do it! There will be obstacles, but I am ready to face them and get to where I want to be because I CAN!


15 thoughts on “I am So Happy! Things Have Turned Around For The Better.

  1. Hi Talin. You are obviously a talented young lady and one with commendable expectations and ambitions who is ready to better herself and I wish you well in your quest. One thing I want to ask as a devil’s advocate, is that not if, but when you get on these shows what message to the world will you be promoting? What will it be that you will be offering? Forgive me for asking such a question but although you might know the answer, I don’t. I watch several programs on tv, chat shows chaired by ‘celebrities’ or other well-known people and usually their guests are qualified in one or more specialist subjects which are under discussion. As a journalist you may be invited on such a program but unless you have professional knowledge and qualifications on a subject you will only be able to give a personal perspective or opinion just like everyone else. Personally I think there are too many people out there with too much to say when they are not qualified except to give their own opinion. I hope that when you are in a similar situation you will not be ‘just another voice in the wilderness’. Best wishes on a succesful future. Love
    Shirley Anne xxx

    • I have to agree with Shirley Anne, Talin. Yesterday you said you wanted to go to journalism school, and that’s a very commendable aspiration. But why is it so important to be on a television show? And what will you offer that other people, well-versed and well-known in media or social issues, couldn’t? What is your credibility? I don’t think you should rely on your fans to “get” you on a show – having a Facebook page asking people to support your efforts to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show, it doesn’t really make any sense. That’s just my opinion.

      You reach a lot of people through your blog, and although I haven’t always agreed with your opinions, I credit you for speaking your mind. Continue to do that, but if your focus is really to obtain a degree in journalism, then follow that through.

      Perhaps one thing you could start doing is making videos for You Tube, where you speak the same things you write in your blogs. It would get you the exposure you’re seeking, and make you better known. As always, good luck.


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