I Want The Best For My Internet Blogging World Family & All My Readers!

This topic today is something that I need to share from my heart to yours. You all have no idea how important my internet blogging family and readers are to me. It is my priority to put smiles and make people feel great about themselves from my heart to yours. You all have no idea how important you are to this world and to your family and friends around you. You all are such beautiful people. I know I have not met majority of you, but you all serve a wonderful and beautiful purpose in life and I want the best for each and everyone of you. I want to be able to go to bed knowing that I made a difference today in this world and I made that extra effort to make someone smile today and make their day go much better. It is very important to me to let you all know how much I care about our human society and human nature. My priority to everyone is seeing a sunny and vibrant world with lots of love, care and togetherness. Were all in this world together, might as well as make it worthwhile right?

I want happiness, smiling and all the important elements of life. Each and everyone of you have a special gift and talent. do not waste it. I love all of you and Keep your head up high always and don’t let others dictate you. I wish you all the best!



17 thoughts on “I Want The Best For My Internet Blogging World Family & All My Readers!

  1. that is SO BEAUTIFUL of you to say!!! I bet that people on the street that pass you just feel all of a sudden better about themselves and do not know why. And it is because you are radiating true love and joy, objective and trusting of people’s basic goodness; thank you for that! You could probably fill your house with jellybeans and count them all and they still wouldn’t amount to the number of people that you have affected positively. thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Dear Talin; May your spirit never diminish. You radiate peace and happiness. Having people like you that are willing to share such beauty is quite reassuring. Be well, your friend, Reuven

  3. Talin, You be the best Talin that you can be. You can’t change other people; no one other than God can do that. What you can do is what you’re doing being a positive, loving, influence on the people who read your blog. There will always be people who will try to use and take advantage of others. Don’t draw attention to them, and don’t give them any validation, by allowing them to see how much they’ve hurt you. And above all, don’t let the cruelty of others turn you into someone you’re not. Be who you are; stay true to yourself! Give them to God, and trust in Him to deal with them in His own time and in His own way. I promise you He will. Try to remember when dealing with less than pleasant people that Jesus died for them, too. People can and do change, Talin. It’s better to pray for them, than to try and get back at them, or hurt them. That only hurts you and what you’re trying to do. It would be a shame to let that happen. I’m on fb. I would consider it an honor to be one of your friends, but won’t be hurt if you’d rather not. It won’t change my opinion of you or your inspiring blog. Wayne

  4. I wish my best for you, too! Your new photo on Facebook is very good. I found your eyeglasses fit you well, not only intelligent but also graceful.

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